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LionRVNew   Student Government Elections 
Meet the Candidates!
            Elections for the 2016-17 Academic year are taking place right now.
Click here to see photos, videos, and bios of your candidates.
Then log into Lion's Den to vote for candidates you support.

Positions        Eligibility      Expectations     Timeline     Guidelines   

How to Run For Student Government   

1. Review expectations, eligibility, and position descriptions to determine if you can make the commitment, have the time, and meet the requirements to accept the responsibility.

2. Print out the Declaration of Candidacy and collect 50 signatures

3. Submit the completed original Declaration of Candidacy to Student Life (please make sure all signatures are legible and complete)

4. Submit Candidate Bio Form and schedule a time with Student Life to make your video

5. Review and become familiar with the Election Timeline and Guidelines

6. Recruit a team of candidates to run with you (optional)

7. Campaign, Campaign, Campaign! (NOT optional)

In order to have a video and bio posted to the Lion's Den, a completed Declaration of Candidacy Form  must be submitted to Student Life before noon on Feb. 29.   This shall contain the following information:
-Candidate's Name, Email Address, Phone Number, G Number, Signature
- Office being sought
- Permission for the Election Committee to check for academic eligibility
- 50 voter's signatures on the petition which states: "I support (candidate's name) as a candidate for (office sought) in the Spring 2016 Student Government Association Elections"
The Student Government Association’s Spring 2016 election of officers and senators will be held March 1 through March 29.  These officers shall serve as described in the Raritan Valley Community College Student Government Association’s Constitution.

ResponsibilityResponsibility for the RVCC SGA 2016 Spring Election shall rest with the Coordinator of Student Life and the Election Committee comprised of current SGA Officers not running for any future position, the Dean of Student Services, and the Director of Student Life.  

Open Positions:   
Please visit the Positions Descriptions Page to view a detailed description of each SGA role.

  1. The available offices of the Student Government Association are:  President, Vice-President of Media/Information, Vice President of Finance, 4 Senator positions. Candidates for these positions must have completed at least one semester’s enrollment at Raritan Valley Community College before the election begins. The position of Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees and the President of the Programming Board will also be elected.
  2. Senate positions that are not elected will be appointment of the new SGA officers with approval from the Director of Student Life.
  3. Individuals who ran for executive board positions and did not achieve a position are to be given immediate consideration for Senate positions not filled in election. These appointments will be made within 2
    weeks of election. Any positions still unfilled will be posted and interested candidates will be selected through an interview process as soon as possible.
  1. The candidate shall be a matriculated RVCC student in good academic standing in the current semester and while holding office.
  2. The candidate shall have successfully completed at least 12 credit hours at RVCC before campaigning begins.
  3. The candidate shall not be on academic or judicial probation.
  4. The candidate shall maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA and enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during term of service.
  5. If a candidate is found to be ineligible, he/she will be immediately and permanently removed from candidacy.
  6. A candidate may run for only one office
  7. A candidate may not be the President of another club while holding SGA Officer position.
  8. If a write-in candidate wins the popular vote, eligibility will be confirmed before announcing the election results. Should the write-in candidate not meet eligibility requirements, the next candidate with the most popular votes will win.


- Officer Transition Training, April
- Attend full day training session in Philadelphia, June 25, 2016
- Leadership Celebration, Oath of Office Ceremony, May 11, 2016
- 2 partial days of training during the summer semester
- Assist in planning and attending Leadership Day, August 19 (tentative), 2016
- Participate in  New Student BBQ, Welcome Picnic, Convocation, Club Recruitment Day
- Attend 4 day Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, Oct 6-9, 2016
- Bi-weekly officer meetings when Summer and winter classes are in session and as needed.
- Weekly officer meetings when fall and spring classes are in session.

-Weekly office hours when fall and spring classes are in session.
- Monthly assembly meetings, and forum meetings when fall and spring classes are in session.
- Participate in at least one campus committee (Monthly meetings)

Election Timeline (Term of Office: 2016-17)

January 26, 2016: 
Candidate Interest Session, immediately after SGA Assembly Meeting

February 22-March 29:   
Campaign! Campaign! Campaign! (submit candidate video and bio)

March 14:
No campaign print requests accepted after this date

February 26: 
Candidate videos and petitions no longer accepted after noon. 

March 8: 
Meet the Candidates, Candidates will be touring campus for introductions and questions—1pm: Forum, Cafeteria, College Center Lounge, Bookstore,  Library Study area, Cafeteria

March 1 - March 29: 
On-line Voting

April 5:
Announce 2016-17 Student Government Officers

 Election Guidelines

Campaigning:  Campaigning is encouraged and may begin January 2 of the election year. The Election Committee shall remove any improper signs, etc. No candidate shall remove, relocate, deface, or in any way change another candidate’s advertisement. All alleged violations must be submitted in writing, and signed, within 24 hours if the identification of the act to be considered. The Election Committee shall refer established violations to the Dean of Students Services for action.

No literature for a candidate may be posted without his/her approval and approval of the Office of Student Life. All political advertisements must contain the name of the responsible candidate and are encouraged to include the dates of the election. All publicity must be removed, Twenty-four hours after the poll closes.

Finances: Student Association shall finance election expenses of the Election committee. Candidates for any office shall limit the personal expenses of their campaign to $100.00. No other material or media, the cost of which exceeds this combined total figure ($100.00) shall be used in the candidate’s campaign. The Election Committee may require a candidate to file a financial report within 72 hours following the election if it suspects the $100.00 limit was exceeded.

Voting: All current students may vote.

Ballots: The election committee shall submit names to the Director of Information Systems for preparation of the online, electronic ballot for the election. Candidates for each office shall be listed alphabetically according to last name.

Ballot Counting: Ballots shall be tallied by Banner and verified by the Director of Student Life on Friday, March 25. The Election Committee shall announce results at the March 29 Student Government General Assembly Meeting at 1pm, in the Bateman Center.












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