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RVCC: A Sound Investment for Society

RVCC Increases State Income
  The activities of RVCC’s 2010-11 student body will generate about $44.3 million in labor income in the state economy each year.
  Once RVCC’s current students become active in the workforce, they will promote business output, raise consumer spending, and increase property income in the state. All of this contributes an additional $24.2 million in taxable non-labor income each year.
  Altogether, higher student income and associated effects on business productivity add $68.5 million in income annually to the state economy.

RVCC Reduces Social Costs
  Education is statistically correlated with improved lifestyle behaviors, including reduced incidences of absenteeism, alcohol abuse, and smoking; lower probability of committing crime; and fewer welfare and unemployment claims.
  It is estimated that RVCC’s 2010-11 student population will generate social savings to the New Jersey public equal to $1.8 million a year.
  These savings accrue to all state and local residents—students, homeowners, businesses, and taxpayers.
  Annual Benefits to the New Jersey Public Due to RVCC ($ Millions)

Summary of findings from the 2012 study the Economic Contribution of Raritan Valley Community College. The study was conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., a national leader in conducting economic impact studies for community colleges and other institutions of higher learning.

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