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Basic Grammar Part IX

Nouns, Articles, and Quantifiers; Modals I

Exercises for Review and Practice


Non-countNouns Matching Exercise

Review ofModal Words

Expressing"How Much" with Count/Non-count Nouns


Web Resources for Practice

ESL Blues Exercises

    NightSkiing (How much/How many)

    OrderingBreakfast (A, An, Some)

    Peapod 1(count vs. non-count)

    Peapod 2(count vs. non-count)

    Peapod 3(count vs. non-count)

Count/Non-countNouns (TESL Internet Journal)

DaveSperling's Countable/Uncountable Quiz

EnglishClubQuantifier Quiz


Resources for Reviewing Modal Verbs


ESL BluesExercise: Walking the Dog (Must/Have to)



English Page Modal Verb Tutorials and Exercises:





Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe Exercises:

Modal Quiz1







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