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How do I prepare my computer and login to my distance learning course?

How to Login:

  • Preferred Method:
    Go directly to the WebStudy login page at http://rvcc.webstudy.com/.
    Follow the login instructions in the red box.
    • User Name: your RVCC student ID number
      ("G00" followed by 6 digits).
    • Your initial Password is a randomly-generated number that was emailed to you in your RVCC Gmail.
    • After you login, click the Personal button in the top toolbar to change your password; click on the "SELECT COURSE" area to select your course.
    • If you have any trouble logging into WebStudy, please contact a friendly RVCC instructional designer (weekdays) at 908-526-1200 ext 8306 or 8451
      or WebStudy Support (24/7) at 888-326-4058 Option 3
    • NOTE: Your distance learning courses will not be available until the day they begin unless you hear otherwise from your instructor.
  • Alternate Method:
    Go to the Lion's Den ( http://lumserve.raritanval.edu) and log in.
    • If you have any trouble logging into Lion's Den, please contact our RVTS helpdesk at 908-526-1200 ext 7887
    • In Lion's Den, click on the Academics tab and click the WebStudy channel to get to the WebStudy login page at http://rvcc.webstudy.com.
      Follow the WebStudy login instructions above.
    • NOTE: To prevent technical problems, do not try to enter your WebStudy course via the "My Courses" channel in Lion's Den.

Login Help Contacts:

If you have NOT received your WebStudy password via Lion Mail or if you have any trouble logging in, please do ONE of the following:

Business Hours (M-F 8:30 am-5:00 pm)

  1. Contact Lonny Buinis 908-526-1200 x8306
  2. Contact Holly Smythe 908-526-1200 x8451
  3. Email online@raritanval.edu

Evenings and Weekends:

  1. From http://rvcc.webstudy.com, click on the "Request WebStudy Support" icon
  2. Call WebStudy support at 888-326-4058 Option 3
  3. Email support@webstudy.com
    NOTE: Your WebStudy password will not change when your Lion's Den password changes. Please record your WebStudy password and keep it in a safe place.
    * If you have a WebStudy password from previous terms, that password will be valid for the current term as well.

Prepare your computer:

  • Browser
    • Be sure that you have an up-to-date browser. WebStudy supports:
      • Google Chrome
      • Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Opera
      • Safari
  • Multimedia Players and Viewers
  • Pop-up Blockers and Security Settings  
  • Important Tips for Online Exams
    • Prepare to take the exam:
      • Open only ONE browser window. Close all other windows and applications on your desktop.
      • Clear your browser CACHE: (storage area for temporary files and Websites) http://browsers.about.com/od/faq/f/Clear-Browser-Cache.htm
      • LOGIN DIRECTLY from http://rvcc.webstudy.com rather than logging in from Lion’s Den.
        (Also use this tip when working on an extended writing assignment that requires you to be logged in without clicking for an extended period of time so that you are not "timed out" by Lion's Den.)
    • During the exam:
      • Do not use your scroll wheel when taking an online exam (it may change your answers!)
      • Do NOT click the browser’s BACK BUTTON.*
      • Do NOT press the Enter key.*
      • Do NOT click on any other browser tabs or windows.*
      • ANY of the above 3 things will end your test without you being able to SUBMIT it, so your answers won’t be saved.
      • * Don’t forget to hit the SUBMIT button when your exam is complete!

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