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RVCC Grads Talk About Honors@RVCC


“Taking honors option courses makes my transcript stand out from others and allows me to show the dedication I have for my intended major, Architectural Engineering. Furthermore, during honors research projects I am able to delve into tantalizing topics which in turn gives me the experience and knowledge I need to develop into a successful engineer.” —Rudolph Powser, RVCC 2010 Graduate, Transferred
to Cornell University College of Engineering HONORS

“I was surrounded by students with a passion for the material. The smaller class size also made for a more intimate setting. It was challenging, yet more rewarding than any other experience I had at RVCC.” —Nick Lomuscio, RVCC 2009 Graduate, Transferred to Columbia University

“Professors put you in charge of your education. You are encouraged to seek and explore interests through dense readings, active discussions, and independent research. The courses have challenged me to think on a deeper level and draw parallels between diff erent fi elds of study.” —Angela Miskis, RVCC Class of 2010




“Taking additional courses that are writing-intensive and Honors level at RVCC will better prepare students for Cornell.”—Cornell University/ RVCC Transfer Agreement



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