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Service Learning Photo Gallery

Service Learning at the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter - Fall 2013

Helping Cats at Somerset Reg Animal ShelterSocializing Dogs at Somerset Reg Animal ShelterSomerset Reg Animal Shelter

  Martin Luther King Community Partner Breakfast Honoring Service Learning Participating Organizations - January 25, 2013

MLK Breakfast 012513

RVCC Cosmetology Students Receive 2010 Board of Trustees Service Learning Leadership Award for their Domestic Abuse Project.  

Cosmetology Accept Awards

NJ Statewide Learning to End Hunger Conference at RVCC. April 09, 2009

/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/DSC_3498.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/DSC_3669.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/DSC_3675.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/DSC_3501.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/DSC_3527.JPG


Presidential Award 2009 for Raritan Valley Community College


/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/servilearnseal.jpg    /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/DSC_2909.JPG    /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Casey holding the award.JPG    /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lori with award (great pic).JPG


RVCC Students helping out at the Martin Luther King Youth Center, March 2010


/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 1.JPG  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 6.JPG  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 3.JPG  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 5.JPG  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 4.JPG  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 6 (2).JPG  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/MLKYC 2.JPG  


Blood Drive at RVCC, March 22, 2010


/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/need for blood curtain.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/getting ready.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/taking blood 3.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/measuring pressure 2.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/taking blood 2.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/taking blood 6.JPG   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/handing out juice box.JPG


"Cut It Out" Program for Salon Professionals, December 16, 2010

Lt. Anthony Winchatz, Director of Community Affairs at the Resource Center of Somerset was the guest speaker at the presentation "Cut It Out", a program designed to raise awareness and promote education about domestic violence to salon professionals. Marcia Bird is the Coordinator of Cosmetology at RVCC, Bridgewater location.

  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Cut It Out descrip (slide).jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. in conversation with student.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. speaking 3.jpg   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. Winchatz speaking to class 2.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Marcia Bird, Dir. of RVCC Cosmetology.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Marcia distibuting info.jpg   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Respond, signs and signals (slide).jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Salon Work Area.jpg   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Students in class.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/The Stats (slide).jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Commitments (slide).jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/The Stats, 1.5 million women (slide).jpg   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. Anthony Winchatz, Dir. of Community Affairs.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. demonstrates abuse with Marcia 2.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. demonstrates abuse with Marcia 3.jpg   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. demonstrates abuse with Marcia 4.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. demonstrates abuse with Marcia 6.jpg  /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Lt. demonstrates aggresion with Marcia 1.jpg


Raritan Enviromental Action League "R.E.A.L.". Ecology in(ter) Action: Sustainability at RVCC   


     REALCampusEcologyPhoto2   REALCampusEcologyPhoto4        REALComputerWextBldgPhoto1  

                           Campus Ecology                               Computer and e-Appliance Energy Audit of West Building

REALOrganicGardenPhoto2   REALOrganicGardenPhoto3   REALOrganicGardenPhoto1

                                                              Organic Gardening

 Field Trips...

REALFIeldTripPhoto1   REALNJPineBarrensPhoto1   /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 35 NJ Appalachian Mts 1.jpg

                                                   New Jersey Pine Barrens,   Appalachian Mountains


/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 20 Invasive Plant 1.jpg    /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 31 Campus Ecology 3.jpg      /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 12 Go Green St. Pat 1.jpg    /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 12 Go Green St. Pat 2.jpg

            Invasive Plant Species Removal                         "Go Green" for St. Patrick's Day


/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 37 Sustainable Agric Tour 1.jpg     /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 36 Sustainable Agric Tour 1.jpg



                           Sustainable Agriculture Tour


/uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 13 Fair Trade 1.jpg                                    /uploadedImages/academics/servlearn/Page 19 Beach Habitat 1.jpg

 Fair Trade Fashion Show                      Beach Habitat Restoration, Island Beach State park


  Cosmetology Students Discussing Presentations with RVCC Philosophy Class

File1Pic1     File1Pic2     File1Pic3


Cosmetology Students Promoting Fund Raiser for Resource Center                                                                                         

File2Pic1      File2Pic2      File2Pic3      


Cosmetology Students Promoting Fund Raising with Free Parafin Treatments in RVCC cafeteria  

File3Pic1     File3Pic2   
File3Pic3      File3Pic5    
Enactment of Domestic Abuse
File4Pic1    File4Pic2
File4Pic3      File4Pic4
Hair Dresser Identifying Abuse in Clients
File5Pic1      File5Pic2      File5Pic3






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