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Prescription Drug Plan - Express Scripts

 In the event you do not have your new ID cards and need a prescription filled at a pharmacy:

    • First call Member Services at 1-866-220-6512 to request your ID number or a card  
    • Register at medco.com to print a temporary ID card.  
    •    For eligible employees, the temporary ID card is available in the ˜Forms & Cards™" section on the website. 


Medical/Dental Benefits

Enrollment in the Medical and Dental Plans is effective on September 1st for 10 month appointments (September - June) and requires completion of an Enrollment Application. See below.

For all other positions the coverage effective date is after 60 days of employment. Enrollment applications must be returned within 60 days of appointment. See below.

Medical Benefits Enrollment Application:


Medical benefits are provided through the School Employees Health Benefit Program (SEHBP).

For more information regarding these plans, see:

www.horizonblue.com/shbp or 1-800-414-7427

     Aetna  at www.aetna.com/statenj or 1-877-782-8365

     Prescription drug coverage is provided through MEDCO- Express Scripts at 1-866-220-6512 or visit the website at www.medco.com

The Opt-Out payments for waiving medical/prescription drug coverage are as follows:

  • $1,000 for waiving single coverage
  • $2,000 for waiving employee/spouse or employee/child coverage
  • $3,000 for waiving family coverage

Waiver Form (completed and returned with the medical benefits enrollment application):

The total amounts listed above are divided into equal quarterly payments, paid through payroll at the end of the quarter.

You must be eligible for the entire quarter of coverage, and remain employed by the College to receive the waiver payment.


Seven different dental plans are available based on one of two different plan designs, i.e. a Dental Expense Plan and Dental PlanOrganization (DPOs).

A side-by-side comparison of dental benefits is available in Fact Sheet #37, which is available on the State Health benefits website at: 


Dental Plan Options and plan contact information are available at the State Dental website:


Aetna Dental Expense Plan Claim Form:



RVCC offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for full-time faculty, staff and their family members.

The EAP is offered through the Hunterdon Healthcare System at Hunterdon Medical Center. The EAP can assist with:

  • work related issues;
  • career counseling;depression;
  • anxiety;
  • phobias;
  • stress;
  • relationship problems;
  • alcohol,
  • drug and gambling problems.

Each employee, or immediate family member is eligible for up to 6 sessions per incident without limit to the number of episodes per year. If family counseling is required, treatment sessions can be combined as needed to maximize benefits.

Employees and their families may contact the EAP directly at 908-788-6369. The toll free number is1-866-424-2060. You can email them at 


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