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Medical Emergencies 
Students or faculty who become ill or experience an injury while at the College should immediately call Security using a campus Emergency phone (which connects directly to their office), or by calling ext. 8370 from a campus phone or 908-231-8800 from a cell phone.

1.    Locate the fire alarm and emergency exit nearest your room, as well as an alternate exit.

2.      Fires should be reported immediately by activating the nearest fire alarm and/or notifying any College official, the SecurityOffice and/or the switchboard operator.

3.      Unannounced fire drills are planned for each semester.  When you hear the alarm, direct your students to the nearest exit and away from the building (a minimum of 200 feet).

         Each building and floor has an assigned Fire Marshall that will direct students and staff where to go.

4.      Some individuals may require assistance in leaving the classroom during an emergency.  Please plan for this in advance.

 *Evacuation procedures and maps are posted in all areas of the college.

Emergency telephones are located on campus, both inside and outside the buildings. They connect the caller directly to the Security Office and can be used 24 hours aday.            They are particularly important at night, when access to other telephones may be limited.
When there is a power outage oncampus, this emergency phone will not work.  To get in touch with Security please call their direct line at (908)231-8800. 

Emergency phones are located in thefollowing areas:

Arts Building,outside, opposite the track on the wall next to pay telephone

Arts Building, inside,down the hall from Print Shop

Athletic Building,outside, second floor front entrance

Child Care Center,outside, at entrance

North Wing, outside,Mall Level on the wall facing the parking lot by East exit

North Wing, inside,second floor next to Health Center

South Building, second floor

Theatre, outside, tothe right of entrance outside the Security Information area


There are also emergency telephones inside the elevators in the Library, SouthWing, North Wing, and College Center.  These telephones will automatically give Security the message that you require assistance in the elevator.  You cannot speak toSecurity however they will respond quickly. 

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