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Employer Affidavit & Residency

The Employer Affidavit (.pdf) is used as documentation to support a waiver* of Out-of-County tuition charges when a student does not qualify as a Hunterdon or Somerset County resident (based on Residency requirements below) but is currently employed at a business location in Somerset or Hunterdon County.

The signed and completed form can be brought into the Finance office by the student, or it can be mailed to:

Raritan Valley Community College
Finance Office - Cashier
P. O. Box 3300
Somerville, NJ 08876

 A student's tuition rate is determined by where that student maintains his/her home residence. Tuition residency is established for each student as of the date of enrollment, and may change from semester to semester. Students are required to maintain a current address of residence with the Registrar's Office.

 Based on his/her home residency, a student is classified into one of the following four categories for the purpose of establishing the appropriate tuition rate:

 •  Hunterdon/Somerset County Resident - an individual who maintains a verifiable residence in either Hunterdon or Somerset County, New Jersey. 
 • Out-of-County Resident - an individual who maintains a verifiable residence in New Jersey in neither Hunterdon nor Somerset County. *

Out-of-County Chargeback Resident - an Out-of-county Resident whose home county pays part of his/her RVCC tuition through a county chargeback arrangement.

 • Out-of-State Resident - an individual who does not maintain a verifiable residence in New Jersey.


  * Waivers for out-of-county residents employed in Hunterdon or Somerset County - The Board of Trustees of Raritan Valley Community College will grant a $30 per credit hour reduction from the standard Out-of-County resident rate beginning in Fall 2015 or a $35 per credit hour reduction from the standard Out-of-County resident rate beginning in Fall 2016 to students who provide verification of current employment in Hunterdon or Somerset County. Proof of employment provided by an Employer Affidavit is required by the College for each semester in which the student requests the waiver.  A new, currently signed & dated Employer Affidavit form must be provided during each subsequent semester in which the student requests the waiver. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Employer Affidavit (.pdf)
(must be PRINTED and filled out; this is not an online form)

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