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Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) has been serving Somerset and Hunterdon County residents for more than four decades.  RVCC offers more than 90 associate degree and certificate programs.  In addition, workforce career training programs and non-credit courses are available for those seeking personal and professional development.  In partnership with many of New Jersey’s four-year institutions, RVCC currently offers courses leading to bachelors or masters degrees at its North Branch Campus.

RVCC is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Many specific programs such as Nursing and Criminal Justice also have separate national certifications.

RVCC has over 8,300 full and part-time students and offers classes throughout the year including special summer sessions. Another 9,000 students are served through non-credit Continuing Education and summer programs.  The campus is also home to a 1,000 seat Theater and a 120-seat Planetarium. RVCC employs approximately 119 full-time and 400 part-time faculty members.  There are approximately 275 full-time and 50 part-time staff members.

The 240-acre campus in North Branch lies at the crossroads of Central New Jersey with Routes, 22, 202, 206 and Interstates 287 and 78 just minutes away.  There are 13 buildings on campus comprising 446,000 square feet. College programs are also offered at satellite locations in Bridgewater and at several public schools in Somerset and Hunterdon counties.


Companies, organizations, agencies, and individuals not affiliated or having a specific agreement with RVCC are prohibited from selling goods or services, or soliciting business or contributions, on the College campus without specific prior authorization from the Vice President for Finance and Facilities.

Student organizations may sell or solicit on campus only with specific authorization from the Dean of Student Services and the Vice President for Finance and Facilities. Employee organizations must have specific authorization from the Vice President for Human Resources and Labor Relations and the Vice President for Finance and Facilities.

In granting approval for sales or solicitation on campus, the College retains the right to establish conditions that limit or restrict these activities as it deems necessary.


The mission of the Raritan Valley Community College Purchasing and Contracts Department is to provide efficient and timely procurement services that maximize the College s resources and promote its instructional and administrative functions.  We are accountable and responsive to our customers and the communities we serve by performing these responsibilities in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and the policies established by the State of New Jersey and the RVCC Board of Trustees.

The business procedure governing the procurement and delivery of all materials, supplies, services and equipment required in the operation of the College is an administrative responsibility controlled by the College Board of Trustees and governed by County Colleges Contracts Law 18A:64A-25.1 et.seq. (See Exhibit A)  The Board of Trustees, through resolution, has designated the Vice President for Finance and Facilities and the Executive Director of Business Services as the contracting agents of the College and has delegated to them and their deputies the authority to make awards in the best interest of the College.

The Purchasing and Contracts Department is obligated to monitor compliance with the laws, rules and regulations set forth by Federal, State and local authorities as they pertain to the purchasing function.

No other individual has the authority to enter into purchase contracts or, in any way, obligate the College for procurement indebtedness, unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by the Board of Trustees.  Any such commitments are considered unauthorized and may not be honored for payment (unless previously authorized).  In no instance should suppliers deliver materials for purchase or testing until a College purchase order has been received or authorized by the Purchasing and Contracts Department.


The Purchasing and Contracts Department will exert every possible effort to obtain materials, supplies, services or equipment at the lowest possible net price consistent within item specifications and required delivery dates.  In order to accomplish this goal, it is necessary in all instances to accept the lowest responsible bid or quotation meeting item specifications.


Suppliers shall be responsible business organizations offering materials, supplies, services or equipment required by the College.  When requested, any supplier may be required to present factual evidence of financial status and capability, or any other information related to whether the Bidder is responsible to supply specific commodities.  The Executive Director of Business Services may elect to make plant visitations, obtain references or other researched media as deemed necessary.


The goal of the Purchasing and Contracts Department is to select vendors who can provide the highest quality goods and services at the most competitive prices. Vendors are selected from a variety of sources including material on file from vendors, as well as State Contracted vendors, the Internet, directory services and referrals. If a vendor has never done business with RVCC and wishes to do so, the college would need a letter, brochure or other information concerning the goods and/or services, which can be provided, as well as a completed Vendor Application.

At the time a particular commodity is needed, the Purchasing and Contracts Office will look for state contracted vendors, vendors who are already on file via the receipt of information as identified in the preceding paragraph, or will solicit quotations from vendors selected from other sources.

This process will apply for commodities under $35,000.00. When goods or services exceed that price, RVCC is obligated to bid the item publicly.

There are some exceptions to this rule, as identified in N.J.S.A. title 18A:64A


All college purchases are secured via a standard purchase order document.  In no instance shall a supplier deliver materials either for purchase or trial approval without a Raritan Valley Community College purchase order being approved and issued by the appropriate College official and received by the supplier.


With the exception of contracts for construction of primary buildings, it is the responsibility of the Purchasing and Contracts Department to purchase all required supplies, services and equipment.  Specifications shall be written that broad competitive solicitation through formal bid or written quotation procedures is encouraged.  Expenditures exceeding $35,000.00 may require a performance bond and 10% security bid guarantee at the discretion of the College, and as provided by N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-25.16, 17.  The security bond shall not exceed $20,000.00 unless otherwise stated in the Bid Specifications issued by the Purchasing Department. 


The Purchasing and Contracts Department will solicit written quotations covering the purchase of any items having an estimated net price in excess of $7,000.00, but less than $35,000.00.  If the estimated net price is less than $7,000.00, verbal quotations may be requested or the purchase made through agreements developed with local suppliers from quotations or bids used to develop annual maintenance and supply contracts.  Sealed bids or special quotations will be solicited for any item or group of items that exceed $35,000.00 in accordance with the provisions of the County College Contracts Law 18A:64A-25.1 et. seq.

All sealed bids received will be opened at the indicated bid opening time.  The bid opening time is defined as the specified time when valid bids must be received and read aloud by the Executive Director of Business Services.  Sufficient time should be allowed by all interested bid parties using U.S. Mail or other carriers to have bid documents reach the RVCC Purchasing and Contracts Department prior to the scheduled bid opening time.  Any bids received after the scheduled bid opening time will be considered disqualified and will be returned to its originator unopened.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

A written purchase order will then be issued to the lowest responsible bidder as recommended by the Executive Director of Business Services, and approved by the Board of Trustees for Raritan Valley Community College.  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and accept those items and/or services deemed to be in the best interest of the College.  If any bid is rejected, all previous bid documents shall be returned to the previous bidders.  Notification of a re-advertisement will be sent to all previous bidders.


The general conditions governing a purchase contract will appear in the specifications for public bid and on the standard purchase order used for all bid awards.  All participants in a Public Bid will be notified in writing after the final Board approval of the lowest responsible bidder.


Bids and the awarding of contracts are governed by the County College Contracts Law N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-25.1 et seq.  Any legal challenges to the bidding process must be pursued before the Board of Trustees in accordance with P.L. 1994 Ch.48, Sec. 6(f).  The challenge or objection must be presented by filing a petition with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees within seven (7) calendar days of the decision to award or not award a contract.

A Rules Governing Hearing before the Board of Trustees of Raritan Valley Community College will govern proceedings on the petition.  The rules may be obtained at the office of the Executive Director of Business Services. 


Samples shall be furnished free of expense whenever requested by the Purchasing and Contracts Department.  Vendors occasionally may be asked to set up demonstrations of materials in order for RVCC administrators and/or instructors to observe and study materials for future purchase.


All deliveries shall be made in strict accordance with conditions stated on request for purchase order.  In almost every instance, deliveries shall be F.O.B. to Raritan Valley Community College, Central Receiving, 118 Lamington Road, North Branch, NJ 08876.  The front side of the College Purchase Order indicates specific information concerning delivery.  Every delivery shall contain a packing list.  The purchase order number must be noted on each package. 

All purchases awarded from sealed public bids contain a mandatory clause indicating that all a materials are to be F.O.B. delivered.  Drop shipments made from other companies by the final awardee which result in freight charges directly billed to the College will be charged back to the original supplier.  Any unnecessary additional charges incurred by the College in receiving these materials will also be charged back to the original supplier.


The scheduled hours for delivery of all materials to Raritan Valley Community College are from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., and from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays.  

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