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Starlab Rentals

Our portable planetarium can bring the stars down to the Earth - and to your school!

Starlab pick-up and drop-off times at RVCC are available on Fridays by appointment only. Teachers may submit a request for their preferred dates and times, and they will be contacted as to whether those times are available.  A confirmation letter will then be sent with information on pick-up procedures and directions.  Because we coordinate scheduling of multiple drop-offs and pick-ups within the same days, times - once confirmed - are firm.  If you arrive outside of your scheduled date and time, your Starlab will not be available.

Any teacher who has attended an NJACE Starlab certification course is eligible to rent a Starlab. Our Starlabs are available for rent for $375 per week and $275.00 for each additional consecutive week. The cost includes the dome, blower, various accessories, Northern Sky and Greek Mythology cylinders and up to 4 additional additional optional cylinders. 

Starlab is a portable planetarium made of fabric, which is inflated by a fan and capable of accommodating approximately 25 students. A star projector recreates the sky, including the Sun, Moon and Planet positions on the dome, for any time or place on earth. Starlab is compact enough to fit into a small car and is easily set up in 15 minutes. It requires a clean floor space of 20' x 22' and a 12' ceiling.

March, April and May are the busiest months for Starlab rentals.  
Please register early or consider renting at a different time.

Cylinder descriptions, PDF's
The following cylinders are available for rentals:
(PDF sizes range from 367 - 2,703 KB)
Northern Starfield Egyptian Mythology
African Mythology Greek Mythology
Ancient Chinese Seasons Hindu Mythology
Ancient Chinese Legends Lewis & Clark Celestial Navigation
Biological Cell Native American Mythology
Celestial Coordinates (RA and Dec) Navajo Mythology
Civil War Sky Ocean Currents
Constellations (H.A.Rey) Plate Tectonics
Deep Sky Objects Solar System & Galaxy  
Earth (Latitude/Longitude) Transparent Cylinder with Pen Set

For further information, please call Mariel O'Brien at (908) 526-1200 x8942
or e-mail mariel.obrien@raritanval.edu

Made available by THE NJACE SCIENCE EDUCATION INSTITUTE at Raritan Valley Community College 

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