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Starlab Portable Planetarium

Our traveling planetarium can bring the stars down to the Earth - and to your school! The planetarium's astronomy expert will set up an amazing inflatable dome in your gym or multi-purpose room. Up to four classes per day will spend 45 minutes with our astronomer studying the constellations, planets and other wonders of the night sky.

Age groups: Kindergarten through 9th grade
Length of show: 45 minutes. Maximum of 4 shows per day
Size of group: Maximum of 25 students and teachers within the dome
Presentation Area: Starlab requires a 12-foot high ceiling in a 25x25 foot area. The dome can not be set up outdoors. A single AC electrical outlet will be needed.
Assistance: Custodial or adult assistance for transport from car to presentation area.
Set-Up/Take-down Time: Set-up: 45 minutes. Take-down: 30 minutes.
Content: Star identification, Constellations and mythology, Observing seasonal changes in the sky. Moon phases. Solar system and galaxy. All programs are age/grade appropriate.
Cost: $200 for the first show, $150 for each show thereafter. maximum of 4 shows per day.
The portable Planetarium is sizable; roughly 12 feet high and 20 feet across. Please select a location large enough to accommodate the planetarium entirely.

Please schedule no more than four, 50-minute time blocks for programs for each day the planetarium will be at your school. This time includes 5-10 minutes to give initial directions and enter the planetarium, 35-40 minutes for the astronomy show, and 5 minutes to exit the dome. Please allow 10 minutes between each session. This gives the astronomer time to prepare for the next group. Each session, therefore, is a total of 50 minutes with an additional 10 minutes passing time. (Total time required for each program: 1 hour)

If additional programs are required, special arrangements must be made with your program consultant at NJACE.

At lunch time, if you need the planetarium taken down, we can accommodate you. We’ll need at least 15 minutes to clear the room before you set up for lunch and at least 30 minutes to set up again after the room has been cleared and the floor swept. Many schools have their children eat in their rooms while the planetarium is in the school. Also, please leave at least 30 minutes free, at some point, for the astronomer to have lunch.

We hope the teacher will accompany his or her students into the planetarium, although we understand some may be unable. Each show must have at least one teacher in attendance to help supervise. To enter the dome, a short tunnel must be traveled. We ask the students to crawl on hands and knees through the tunnel. Adults can walk in a stooped position. For handicapped persons, the dome can be lifted, and no tunnel is needed.

For further information, please call the Planetarium at (908) 231-8805
Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm, or e-mail us at: planet@raritanval.edu

Made available by NJACE & The Planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College

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