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 Environmental Sustainability at RVCC 
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 Supportive Student Activities and Clubs

   invasive species removal - cutting down invasive pear trees on campusplanting RVCC's organic orchard - replacing invasive pear trees

"RVCC clubs have been actively involved in campus efforts
to help take care of our environment and live green."
- RVCC President Casey Crabill

Many RVCC student activities and clubs have been actively involved in initiatives to help care for our environment and live green.  The Environmental Club has been the forerunner on campus in support of these efforts.  Other clubs who have actively participated are listed below. 

  • Environmental Club
    The Environmental Club (formerly REAL) was founded to educate and positively affect the community, student body, faculty and staff on environmental policy, global environmental issues and environmentally responsible living.  The members focus on making the campus more "green" and the community more aware of their affect on the environment and will establish an appropriate plan every semester to accomplish all of these goals.  The club is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in local environmental issues, concerned about global environmental issues and politics, has compassion for society and the environment, and/or would just like to see the campus continuously move into the future of environmentally friendly practices and sustainable business procedures.  We will research together, educate together, work together and stand together to make a difference, even if it is one seed at a time.  Join the Environmental Club community on Facebook to stay informed about upcoming activities! 
  • Social Justice Club
  • Anthropology Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa


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