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 Environmental Sustainability at RVCC 
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  Food Services

Bru Ha Ha Cafe

In response to the College’s efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly initiatives campus-wide, RVCC’s food service provider, CulinArt, has been proactive and collaborative.  CulinArt supports sustainable dining at both the cafeteria and the Brew Ha Ha Café by:

  • offering 15¢ off your drink if you use your own reusable container rather than a disposable one,  
  • featuring organic blend and fair trade coffees and local produce,
  • providing biodegradable and eco-friendly disposable containers (no Styrofoam),
  • recycling in the kitchen and dining room,  
  • collecting coffee grounds and produce trimmings for off-site composting,
  • reclaiming used cooking oil for biofuel conversion, and
  • reducing water usage and waste.

 Green Mug

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