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  Environmental Sustainability at RVCC  
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Recycling Programs

RVCC's recycling programs help to create a more sustainable campus by keeping our recyclable waste out of landfills. 

What can be recycled?
Where can you recycle?
Who should you contact if you need something recycled?


compost bin

Recycling Batteries

Recycling Inkjet Cartriges
Recycling bins


What Can Be Recycled?

In BLUE bins, as marked:
clean glass containers
clean plastic marked as type 1-7 (no bags)
mixed paper (Includes magazines, newspapers, catalogs, notebooks, phone books, and paperback books)
cardboard (place next to bin)

In cafeteria and cafe COMPOST bins:
paper products like used napkins, plates, cups, trays and cartons
wood products like stirrers
organic materials

In ORANGE bins:

In special containers near the Welcome Center:
ink jet cartridges
cell phones

Electronics and special materials (call x8812):
personal computers
copy machine cartridges
video cassettes
lighting ballasts and tubes
air conditioners
oil paint
soiled rags

Where can you Recycle?

Compost bins for food and paper products are located in the cafeteria and by the cafe.  You can place recyclable material in their appropriate containers on campus. At strategic locations throughout campus, you will find blue recycling containers with slots for paper and with round holes for 
bottles and cans. Cardboard can be placed next to recycling containers. Orange pails for battery recycling are located in each hallway.

Who should you contact if you need something recycled?

For assistance recycling items that are not appropriate for the recycling bins or if you have questions or concerns, please contact RVCC's Safety & Facilities Manager Philip Weaver at x8812.


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