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 Environmental Sustainability at RVCC 
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 Thematic Gardens and Natural Areas 

native plant gardenplanting the butterfly garden

The 240 acres of land surrounding the college offer many opportunities for developing gardens that beautify  the campus, support study, reflect respect for the environment and serve as vehicles for meaning.  At present there are eight thematic gardens across the campus.  

  • The Arboretum Garden consists of trees and plants which are located behind the pond with additional plantings behind the campus. The trees are dedicated by members of the College to beautify the campus and honor the memory of family and friends.
  • The Butterfly Garden is located next to the Child Care Center, and is designed to foster wonder and discovery as children follow the development of larvae from the stages of caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly.  The flowering plants in the garden are especially chosen to nurture the metamorphosis.  Linked is a picture essay showing ways children in the center become engaged in play and the study of nature:The Importance of Play: A Service Learning Project
  • The Organic Garden, right behind the baseball field, is a produce garden made up of .4 acres.  Student volunteers from R.E.A.L  (Raritan Environmental Action League) and the community help to plant, maintain, harvest, and distribute the shares  of “sprouts,” funded by donations from individual faculty, staff, students, and administrators.
  • The Peace Garden was established to foster respect for the environment, a climate of peace among all people, and a place for quiet meditation.  Given the development of the Planetarium and new paths to parking lots, the Garden will soon be relocated.
  • The Reflection Garden is located in the Amphitheatre, right outside of the Atrium and dedicated to the memory of Dr. Ravi Dutta, a professor in the Business Department.
  • The Native Plant Garden is in front of the Science building. It was created by Donna Gero, RVCC staff member.
  • The Wildlife Habitat Garden is located upstream from the pond. It was created by Ornathology students in Spring 2010. It is a place to observe birds and other wildlife.
  • The Rain Garden was designed to filter and clean storm water coming off campus grounds. It is located at the front entrance of the college.


butterfly in the garden!




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