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RVCC Archived Multicultural Affairs Podcasts

 "Finding Peace Within American Muslim Families and Communities" (video) (audio only) Keilani Abdullah, MA, Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Raritan Valley Community College. This lecture was sponsored by the Women's Center at RVCC. Recorded October 8, 2015.

 "Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration and the Pursuit of the American Dream" (video) Dr. Christina Greer, Author, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Fordham University. Recorded April 15, 2015 

"If I Knew Then, What I Know Now:  Reflections of an African-American Man around Leadership and Career Development" with Ryan Watson, Senior Vice-President, Chubb and Son.  (audio only) This lecture is sponsored by the TD Bank Leadership Development Series.  Recorded February 26, 2015.

"Teaching US History Beyond the Textbook with Dr. Yohuru R. Williams, Professor of History, Fairfield University". (audio only)   Dr. Yohuru R. Williams is an expert on civil rights and Black Power movements, as well as late 19th and 20th Century US history, African American history and social studies teaching methods. Hailed as one of the most exciting scholars of his generation, Dr. Williams is a professor of history at Fairfield University in Connecticut as well as the Chief Historian and VP for Public Education and Community Outreach at the Jackie Robinson Foundation in New York City. Dr. Williams will discuss ways to teach current national topics like the Ferguson incident and other historical events. Sponsored by The Paul Robeson Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Social Justice. Recorded February 24, 2015.

"Driving Change through Diversity & Globalization with Chancellor James Anderson, Fayetteville State University" (video) (audio only) Dr. James A. Anderson's research and writing have focused on the assessment of student learning, as well as the impact of diversity on student learning, retention and overall institutional effectiveness. Sponsored by RVCC's Office of Multicultural Affairs, Brothers Helping Brothers, and Sister to Sister Network. Recorded February 19, 2015. 

"A Celebration of Native American Heritage and History: Honoring Our Warriors, A Veterans Day Tribute" (video) presented by the RVCC Office of Academic Affairs, The Committee to Internationlize and Diversify the Curriculum, The Dept of Humanities, Social Sciences & Education and the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.  Recorded November 11, 2014.

 "RVCC EQUALITY 4 All Diversity Fair Keynote Speaker Dr. RaJade Berry-James" (video) (audio only) Dr. RaJade Berry-James, Associate Professor, School of Public & International Affairs and Faculty Liaison, Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity at North Carolina State University. Presented by the RVCC Office of Multicultural Affairs and Phi Theta Kappa. Recorded November 11, 2014.

"Puerto Rico: Modern American Apartheid" (video) (audio only)  RVCC's Hispanic Heritage Month keynote speaker Mr. Edwin Pagan Bonilla, Legislature Advisor to Puerto Rico, House of Representatives.  As Americans we serve in the military, but we don't have the right to vote for President?  Should Puerto Rico become the 51st State?  What do we gain or lose?  How will this change affect the U.S.?  Recorded September 18, 2014.

"RVCC: Beyond the Image Panel Discussion" (video) Moderated by project managers Shay Wadher-Pagare and Prof. Karen Gaffney, this panel discussion is composed of students who participated in the Beyond the Image photographic project displayed on campus.  Micro-messages, or micro-agressions, are subtle comments that reinforce negative stereotypes.  Student discussed their personal stories about specific micro-messages to raise awareness about implicit bias and stereotypes.  Additional photographys and video about the project titled RVCC: Beyond the Image can be found on the project's tumblr page.  Recorded on September 9, 2014.

"Rednecks, Asian Overachievers, and Illegals: How American Culture Divides and Conquers" (video) Presented by RVCC Professor of English, Dr. Karen Gaffney.  We frequently hear that racism is no longer a serious problem and that our class structure is fair, despite considerable evidence to the contrary. Why do these myths persist? This workshop will present an answer to that question by focusing on three stereotypes that perpetuate these myths: poor whites as "redneck," Asian Americans as "overachievers," and Latinos as "illegals."  Prof. Gaffney is the author of the blog Divided No Longer http://dividednolonger.com/ which is based on her research and activism. Recorded April 23, 2014.

"Visualizing Civil Rights: The Supreme Court and Reproductive Rights"  Panelists: Dr. Karen Gaffney, Professor Maria De Filippis, Esq., Dr. Barbara Seater and Moderated by Dr. Lauren Braun - Strumfels.  Recorded on March 26, 2014.

 "Are Rednecks the Last Racists?" (video) Lecture by Professor Karen Gaffney, RVCC English Department.  Prof. Gaffney is the author of the blog Divided No Longer http://dividednolonger.com/ which is based on her research and activism.  This lecture is presented by the Paul Robeson Center for Ethics, Leadership and Social Justice.  Educators Seminar:  Civil Rights.  Recorded February 27, 2014.

"Peace. Freedom. Happiness: Developing Global Leaders of Tomorrow". Lecture by Ashante Taylorcox the keynote speaker at the MLK Community Partnership Breakfast held at RVCC on January 24, 2014.

"MLK Read-In" RVCC students perform short readings and poetry inspired by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Recorded January 23, 2014.

"Creating a Culture of Inclusiveness with Dr. Spence Coffey".  In observance of the UN International Day of Tolerance RVCC hosted nationally recognized author and speaker Dr. Darla Spence Coffey.Dr. Coffey received her bachelor’s degree from Eastern College, her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania, and her PhD from Bryn Mawr College. She has been a member of the social work faculty at West Chester University since 1998.  Recorded November 14, 2013.

  "Of Rice and Spice, The Asian American Experience".  (also available as video) Panel Discussion.  Speakers include New York based photojournalist Corky Lee, the pioneering Asian American scholar Dr. Betty Lee Sung along with RVCC faculty member Barbara Seater and Vanny Nadkarni as moderator.  Recorded September 24, 2013.

 "Professor Louis P. Masur, Author of Lincoln's Hundred Days:  The Emancipation Proclamation and the War for the Union".  This lecture is presented by The Paul Robeson Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Social Justice as part of their Seminar for Educators program.  Recorded Feb. 19, 2013.

"Civic Responsibility and Civil Rights Today" with Kevin Powell.  Mr. Powell is an activist, writer, public speaker, entrepreneur and was the Democratic candidate for Congress in Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Powell’s presentation at RVCC focused on the historical significance of the civil rights movement as well as how to organize people to help accomplish goals and make the community a better place. Recorded February 5, 2012. 

"Diversity and Inclusion: Promising Practices, Best Practices and Breakthrough Practices"  This panel discussion was focused on developing and understanding practices of inclusion in higher education.  The practice of inclusion involves intentional ways in which the college supports learning, discovery and engagement for all members of the community.  Panelists:  Prof. Carl Lindskoog, History; Prof. Carol Patterson, Nursing; and Mrs. Debra Weiner, Director of Tutoring Services.  Moderated by Richeleen Dashield, Dean of Multicultural Affairs.  Recorded January 16, 2013.

 "DNA Discussion on Race, Identity and Ancestry" with Dr. Anita Foeman.  Dr. Foeman has more than 25 years of experience and training in cross cultural communications. Using DNA profiles as a catalyst to promote a better understanding of the complexity of the human experience, Dr. Foeman will foster an open dialogue that will help participants create a stronger and more inclusive community.  Recorded 2011.

"What's in a Name? Hispanic or Latino? "with RVCC professor of Sociology Saulo Colon? with RVCC professor of Sociology Saulo Colon. A multi-dimensional community conversation led by RVCC faculty.  Recorded 2011.

"An Evening with Sandra Guzman, journalist and author".  Heritage Series speaker Sandra Guzman is an award winning journalist and former editor in chief of Latina magazine.  Recorded 2011.

"RVCC celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with opening day speaker Eddy Mayen".  Opening Day speaker and RVCC alumni Eddy Mayen.  Recorded 2011.

"Heritage, Diversity, Integrity and Honor: The Renewed Hope of America as it relates to The Dream Act" presented by Brenda Aguilar and Melissa Lozano NJ DREAM Coalition NJDAC.

"Embracing the Fierce Urgency of Now" presented by Dr. Ivonne Diaz-Claisse, 2009 Hispanic Heritage Month keynote address. Recorded 2009.


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