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RVCC Archived Politics and Current Affairs Podcasts

 "Humor in Media.  Does it Help or Hurt Society? A Faculty Panel Discussion" (audio only).  RVCC PTK sponsored event.  Panelists: RVCC Professors Tom Valasek, Carolyn Bosa, Bick Treut, Brandyn Heppard and Phil Martin.  Moderated by Professor of Communications, Sara Banfield. Recorded November 24, 2015.

 "Hello My Name Is (staged reading)" (video) Hello My Name Is - is an original play by the women inmates of Edna Mahan Correctional Facility and the Meta Theatre Company. The play tells the story of Luz Ramirez the Paloma and her family as they migrate from Puerto Rico to the United States. Is there an American Dream after incarceration? Recorded November 2, 2015.

 "Climate Change: Where Do We Go From Here?" (video) RVCC Celebrates Earth Week. RVCC Student Panel, Honors English II. Moderated by Greg Wright. Topics included "Capitalism and the Climate Controversy", "Industrialized Agriculture: Reaping what we Sow", "Hydrogen Power: It's Many, Innovative, and Unrecognized Benefits", "Climate Change and the Reponsibility of the Individual" Recorded April 20, 2015.

 "From the Killing Fields to the White House, Former US Ambassador to the UN Sichan Siv" (video) (audio only) In 1976, Sichan Siv escaped Cambodia’s killing fields and was resettled as a refugee in Connecticut. In 2001, he was unanimously confirmed by the Senate and appointed by President George W. Bush as an ambassador to the United Nations, serving until 2006. Sichan Siv is the international bestselling author of the American Dream memoir Golden Bones and the thriller Golden State, Love and Conflict in Hostile Lands. The lecture was sponsored by TD Bank Leadership Development Series. Recorded April 28, 2015.

 "Republican Environmentalism in NJ” (audio only) RVCC Earth Day Keynote Speaker, Senator Kip Bateman serves on the Senate Environment and Energy Committee and has one of the highest environmental ratings of any state legislator. In this special science seminar, he will address legislative outcomes and challenges, what it's like to be a Republican environmentalist, the Exxon pollution settlement, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the open space referendum, and more. Recorded April 22, 2015

 Hello My Name Is... (video)  Performed at the RVCC Welpe Theatre by the META Theatre Company (MTC). META wrote this original play with the women of Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Hunterdon County. This performance is sponsored by the RVCC Visual and Performing Arts Department. Recorded April 9, 2015.

"Katie Meyler: More Than Me" (video) (audio only)  Named one of Time Magazine's Person's of the Year for her fight against Ebola.  RVCC alumni and Bernardsville native Katie Meyler talks about how she founded More-Than-Me, an organization that helps young girls in Liberia, and her work during the Ebola crisis. This lecture was presented by RVCC's Student Government Association. Recorded March 19, 2015. 

"Integrating Environment in the Business Curriculum" presented by Professor Dan Aronson. "In multiple campus presentations, I've demonstrated that applying basic scientific realities to economics causes environmental matters to come to the fore -- rather than be relegated to a separate chapter. My faculty research grant explored the possibility that environmental considerations could be seamlessly integrated into other business courses. As things transpired, considerations related to accounting and marketing led to an unanticipated result." This Spotlight on Scholarship presentation was recorded on February 10, 2015. 

 "An Unbroken Bond: Reflections from the 9/11 Community” (audio only) Panel discussion with Edie Lutnick and a distinguished group of 9/11 community leaders, who have influenced everything they encountered - - from healing, to charitable giving, to public policy - - and hear firsthand how they helped to shape what we see today as the September 11th Memorial and Museum. Recorded November 13, 2014

 "9/11 and Beyond: The Inspiring Story of Edie Lutnick and the Cantor Fitzgerald Community” (audio only) For Edie, her personal loss and her experiences that followed the events of 9/11 changed her life and those of countless others. She will share her powerful story and her mission to fulfill an important legacy and give meaning to the lives of the victims of 9/11. Presented by the TD Bank Student Leadership Development Series and the Phi Theta Kappa/Student Government Associations. Recorded November 13, 2014.

"Puerto Rico: Modern American Apartheid" (video) (audio only)  RVCC's Hispanic Heritage Month keynote speaker Mr. Edwin Pagan Bonilla, Legislature Advisor to Puerto Rico, House of Representatives.  As Americans we serve in the military, but we don't have the right to vote for President?  Should Puerto Rico become the 51st State?  What do we gain or lose?  How will this change affect the U.S.?  Recorded September 18, 2014.

"Struggling for Peace & Justice in the Middle East:  3 Veterans for Peace (VFP) Speak Out!" All three speakers from Veterans For Peace have completed military service in the Middle East. Each member has served in a different country: Iraq, Iran, and Israel. This talk will connect the struggle for peace and justice in the Mid-East to the recent developments worldwide, including the radical escalation toward war in the Ukraine.  This lecture was presented as part of the Making a World of Difference Lecture Series.  Recorded April 29, 2014.

 "Visualizing Civil Rights Series:  Trayvon Marton".  Panel Discussion.  The tragic death of a young African American student forced the nation to examine the justice system, racial profiling and civil rights in America.  Join us and our esteemed panelists:  Maria M. DeFilippis, Esq., Coordinator of RVCC Paralegal Studies; Ronald A. Tyson, Department of English; Lisa Tucker, Department of English; Bill Loeffler, Adjunct Professor; Reginald Johnson, Metuchen-Edison Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); and Dr. Alex Gray, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Moderated by Barbara Seater, Department of Humanities, Social Science and Education.  Recorded September 12, 2013.  

 "David Shipler, author of "The Working Poor: Invisible in America" (also available in video) 1987 Pulitzer Prizer for General Non-Fiction winner for the book "Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land".  Mr. Shipler was the keynote speaker at the RVCC symposium Voices of Poverty.  Recorded April 23, 2013. 

 "Seventy-Five Years of Supreme Court Rulings: A Critical Assessment and Discussion" In light of this landmark year for Supreme Court rulings, we invite you to join us in a critical examination of some of the key Supreme Court decisions of the past seventy-five years and the ways that these decisions continue to shape our current society. Panel Discussion with RVCC Professors. Recorded April 16, 2013

 "Effective Transit in the Suburbs" (video) speaker Professor Tony Nelessen, Undergraduate Program Director for the Rutgers Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.  This presentation was part of the Occupy Parking Lots conference at RVCC.  Recorded April 9, 2013.

 Occupy Parking Lots conference speaker RVCC Prof. of Economics Dan Aronson on "Parking, Colleges and Local Leadership".   (Also available in Video) This conference presented topics on applying market-based policies to transit oriented development.  Speakers included local, national and international experts in their field.  Recorded April 9, 2013.

"Media Ethics:  A Panel DiscussionThis lecture was presented by the RVCC Philosphy Club.  RVCC Professors  John Cleary, Philosophy, Richard (Bick) Treut, Communications,Joe Diaferia, History discuss Media Ethics.  The Panel was moderated by Professor Brandyn Heppard, Philosophy.  Recorded December 4, 2012.

 "Joe Newman, author of Raising Lions: Saving Our Children from Behavior DisordersRaising Lions author Joe Newman will discuss how the methods and solutions he developed during his twenty years working with behavior problem children offer models for effective classroom management. Today he trains school administrators, teachers and parents to use these methods in both the classroom and the home. Recorded Oct. 25, 2012.

 "The 2012 Campaign:  A Panel Discussion"  The upcoming presidential election shows that Democrats and Republicans are offering dramatically different policies in many areas—perhaps no more so than in their economic plans for our country. Join us for a panel discussion about the differing economic policies of the major parties. The results of the election will make a difference in your life as the policies proposed by each party are quite dissimilar. 

 "Media Ethics:  A Panel DiscussionThis lecture was presented by the RVCC Philosphy Club.  RVCC Professors  John Cleary, Philosophy, Richard (Bick) Treut, Communications,Joe Diaferia, History discuss Media Ethics.  The Panel was moderated by Professor Brandyn Heppard, Philosophy.  Recorded December 4, 2012.

" A Conversation with Senator Kip Bateman, N"J".  Presented by the SGA/PTK Leadership Lecture Series.  Recorded 2012.

"An Insiders View of the Banking System" with F. Greg Hertrich.  Mr. Hertrich is an exciting, dynamic speaker, and has spoken at RVCC before, covering a wide variety of topics, such as the state of the economy, how banks operate and manage investments, what led to our current financial crisis and how long will it take us to get out.  Recorded 2011.

"RVCC commemorates Sept 11th anniversary with screening and panel discussion of film REBIRTH".  Panel discussion of Jim Whittaker Film on Sept 11 tragedy.  Recorded 2011.

"The Betrayal of Public Workers with Jeff Thompson, Ph.D."  Jeff Thompson is an Assistant Professor at the Political Economic Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts.  He has published numerous articles on public economics, poverty and income inequality.  Recorded 2011.

"The Best Government That Money Can Buy" with speaker David Levinthal.  Humanities Spring Lecture Series Speaker David Levinthal.  Recorded 2011.

"The Role of Credit Unions in the Economy" with guest speaker Jim Borrelli from Affinity Credit Union.  Recorded 2010.

"Breaking the Sound Barrier Independent Media and Social Justice" with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!  Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 1,000 public television and radio stations worldwide. Recorded 2010.

"Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle" presented by Christopher Hedges, Pulitzer prize winning author and social commentator. Recorded 2010.

"Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett speaks".  Recorded 2009.

"Candidate for Governor Chris Christie speaks".  Recorded 2009.

"America in Decline?" with Alexander Cockburn, Political Journalist, Editor of CounterPunch and Columnist for The Nation..  Part 1 and Part 2 of lecture.  Recorded 2009.

"Tariq Ali: The Flight Path of American Power". Tariq Ali is a British Pakistani military historian, novelist, journalist, filmmaker, public intellectual, political campaigner, activist, and commentator.  He is a member of the editorial committee of the New Left Review and Sin Permiso, and regularly contributes to The Guardian, CounterPunch, and the London Review of Books.  Recorded 2009.

"China: Managing the Dragon" with Jack Perkowski.  One of the most important players in China's automotive industry, Jack Perkowski reveals how he is building a billion dollar business in China. Recorded 2008.

"Diplomacy and Stability in the Persian Gulf - Post Iraq".  Former US Ambassador to Yemen and Princeton Professor, Barbara Bodine speaks about diplomacy in the middle east.  Recorded 2008.

"Mideast Peace: Desirable, Possible, Imperative".  Former US Ambassador to Egypt and Israel, Daniel C. Kurtzer speaks about peace in the middle east.  Recorded 2008.

"Russia Rising: Challenges and Prospects" with Dr. Boris Kargarlitsky.   Dr. Kargarlitsky is a Russian Marxist theoretician and sociologist who has been a political dissident in the Soviet Union and in post-Soviet Russia. He is coordinator of the Transnational Institute Global Crisis project and Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO) in Moscow.

 " Iran, Iraq and North Korea: An Axis of Evil? Past, Present and Prospects"  Moderated by RVCC faculty member Dr. Jeff Sommers, featured panelists include Dr. Paul Barclay, Keith Wheelock and Dr. David Kalivas. April 2, 2007  

 "Real Estate: Growth, Crash, or Soft Landing?
Acclaimed Real Estate Specialist and NPR Commentator Dr. Michael Hudson speaks on the current real estate market. December 8, 2006

"Environment and the Economy, Perfect Together" with Dr. Anton Nelessen”
The distinguished keynote speaker from a conference titled Environment and the Economy, Perfect Together. April 25, 2006, 56:36.

"Power, Politics, and Prospects: Iraq, Iran, Israel and Afghanistan" with Dr. David Kalivas
Turbulence and uncertainty surround the Middle East and Central Asia-areas that have become the world's most important suppliers of energy, and the primary focus of American attention in the new millennium. Dr. David Kalivas of Massachusetts, who has worked on State Department programs in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia, sheds some light on this important region. April 13, 2006, 56:36.

"Paradoxes of the American Presidency" with Prof. Keither Wheelock
Respected history scholar Keith Wheelock shares a fascinating paper about the office of President, the men who have filled that position, and the changes in America's Federal Government since its inception. Ever hear the term "Imperial Presidency"? Interested in the current administration? Want to know what the American public expects from its leader, and how those expectations conflict? Explore those issues and more with Professor Wheelock.  March 6, 2006, 23:23.      


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