Kevin Reilly, Ph.D., RVCC Humanities Dept.

Kevin Reilly, Ph.D.

Professor, History

Humanities, Social Sciences & Education

Office: S-329

Phone: 908-526-1200, Ext. 8214
e-mail: kreilly@raritanval.edu



Educational Philosophy

The study of history has shown me how diverse we are, how much things change, and, by implication, how great our future range of possibilities. Education, especially higher education, has been the most important avenue in my own life towards the realization of those possibilities. Any personal success at learning has reinforced my democratic and progressive bias that if I can do it, anyone can.

Biographical Sketch

An inveterate student in the 1960s, I came to the Community College because it was the only place teaching world history. Its emphasis on general education, support of interdisciplinary, team teaching, and its variety of students from the real world proved to be a good match. While here I was able to write my ideal "World Civilization" text, The West and the World, an anthology of readings for the course, Readings in World Civilizations, and other books and articles on teaching world history. With similarly inclined historians, I founded the national (now international) "World History Association" and served as the first and third president. My own research has been in the area of global migration history, an aspect of which can be seen on the large globe at Ellis Island (when it's working). Besides teaching at Raritan, I have taught at various levels at Rutgers, my alma mater, been an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Teachers College, and a Visiting Professor at Princeton University. I live and park (not necessarily in that order) in Manhattan.

Courses Taught

  • World Civilization I (HIST 101)
  • World Civilization II (HIST 102)
  • Introduction to the Humanities I
  • Introduction to the Humanities II
  • Global Patterns of Racism (HIST 204)
  • Asian History (HIST 212)
  • African History
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Social History of Modern Culture
  • The West and the World
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