Dan Aronson

Associate Professor, Economics

Business & Public Service Department

Office: H320A

Phone: 908-526-1200, Ext. 8238

e-mail: daronson@raritanval.edu



  • M.A. Economics, Rutgers University
  • B.A. History, SUNY at Purchase

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Macroeconomics  
  • Introduction to Microeconomics  
  • Issues in Environmental Science (a team-taught science course that integrates economics and ecology)  


Author of Living Better, Working Less: The Outcome of Environmental Progress  


Articles and Essays by Dan Aronson


I have followed Professor Aronson's work for some time. I think that his "Living Better, Working Less: The Outcome of Environmental Progress" is one of the best treatments of the topics that I have seen in a while. He is the only writer so far to see the link between shorter hours and questions of the environment - at least on this side of the Atlantic.  

 — Benjamin K. Hunnicutt author of Work Without End and Kellogg's Six-Hour Day  

We recommend this essay for anyone interested either in economic policies which can facilitate reduced work-time, especially withour loss in pay; or in the links between work-time and environmantal issues. Aronson writes in a popular style, making technical economic concepts understandable to all.  

 — Barbara Brandt co-founder of the "Shorter Work-Time Group"

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