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Serena Bocchino



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Artist statement

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Victor Hugo said these words, to which shed light on how I create my work. Music’s inherent abstract language and the term “composition” imply a metaphor within painting; that is the point of departure for my work. Visual art that communicates ideas and emotions, as clearly as musical compositions are references to my exploration through painting and drawing. The impetus of the work stems from my interest in the fundamental nature of abstraction as it relates to the abstract nature of musical sound. The influence of music in my work is perpetual, in its development and aesthetics of how it came to be.

The basic visual components of abstraction as it relates to notes, melodies, rhythms and form are essential to each painted composition. The reduction of elements and color creates a dynamic that combines the vulnerability of the drawing on the canvas with the elegant boldness of the poured and dripped paint. The visual structure of the work is a series of strategies designed to find a successful mean between the opposite extremes of painting and drawing. A controlled spontaneity allows for an improvisational element that maintains an emotional aspect to the work. Furthering the, development of the fundamental aspects intrinsic to abstract painting; unity, variety, contrast and connection as it relates to musical form.

Artist biography

Serena Bocchino earned a Masters Degree in painting from New York University and has been recognized by many art institutions for her work. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Pollock –Krasner Foundation Grant, the PS 1 International Studio Residency, the Artists Space/Artists Grant, The New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the art Matters grant, the Brodsky Center for Printmaking Residency and the Basil Alkazzi Award, USA.

Her work is included in prestigious private public and corporate collections throughout the world. Her work has also been documented in 5 films most recently, FEVER, directed and produced by Down the Line Productions and will premier at her exhibition: FEVER in the Spring 2013. Other documentaries include: A Dream of Blue, created by Greg Smith (co-directed by Greg Smith and Monica Sharf) awarded Best Inspirational Short Documentary, by the New York Film and Video Festival, NYC; Observer Highway Revisited Directed by Monica Sharf, awarded best short by American Filmmaker and previewed at the Museum of Modern Art; Observer Highway, by Yvette Pineyro and previewed on PBS Channel 13 and Channel 12 NJN.

Pictured work:

Images 1-4: 2012-2013, created with Enamel paint, graphite and gold and silver leaf on canvas.

serena bocchino

serena bocchino

serena bocchino

serena bocchino

serena bocchino

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