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 Student Life Policies and Procedures for Student Organizations/Clubs
Alcoholic Beverages (College-wide Policy)
Budget Requests
Bulletin Boards (See Posting Policies/Procedures)
Businesses, Local Community
Businesses Local/Community: Golden Lions Club Sponsors
Calendars: Online and Wall Calendars
Concessions Fundraising (Basketball Games)
Conference/Trip Budget Request Form
Demonstrations and Rallies (College-wide Policy)
Emergency Procedure
Event Planning: Speakers on Campus

Event Planning: General
Film and Video Copyright Infringement
Fundraising on Campus 
Fundraising Guidelines for Student Clubs and Organizations 
Fundraising Limitations 
Guest Procedure for Events Requiring Security 
Mass Emails (Personal Announcements) 
Membership: Clubs/Organizations
Movie Tickets, Discounted 
New Club, Starting a 
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Week at a Glance
Student Life Policies and Procedures for Student Organizations/Clubs

Alcoholic Beverages (College Policy)
The dispensing and consumption of alcoholic beverages at on and off campus programs sponsored by Raritan Valley Community College student organizations is prohibited.

Budget Requests

All Student Organizations need to request their event planning budget from Student Government.  Click here for the current Budget Process and Guidelines Overview.

Businesses, Local Community: “Community Vendor Day”
Local community business owners who would like to promote or sell their product or service on campus may schedule to do so through the Office of Student Life.  Local business owners are welcome to campus once a month for “Community Business Day” by making a $75.00 donation to the college foundation and are expected to offer a special discount to RVCC ID holders.
Student Life will provide a 6-foot table, in a high traffic area, and publicize the “Community Business Day” on campus. The Office of Student Life will review and approve all vendors and reserves the right to refuse a merchant or small business that is not in align with the College mission. Alcohol, tobacco, etc. are prohibited.
“Community Business Days” are intended to be monthly, but may occur more or less frequently as determined by the college academic calendar. US Armed Forces and non-profit organizations are welcome to campus for “Community Business Day” at no cost.
Vendors may not sell any drugs, alcohol or illegal substances on campus. Credit Card solicitation is also prohibited on campus.

Businesses Local/Community: Golden Lions Club Sponsors
RVCC values its relationship with our local community business owners.  Our Golden Lions Sponsor Program gives local businesses the opportunity to make a $500 tax deductible donation to the college foundation. Our Golden Lion Sponsors:
1.      are featured in the Student Handbook,
2.      offer special discounts to all RVCC students, employees and alumni with Valid RVCC ID,
3.      are invited to campus to promote their products/services at several signature Weeks of Welcome (WOW) campus events, a monthly college sponsored “Community Vendor Day” event and one additional day per month at their discretion throughout the academic  year approved by Student Life.
The Office of Student Life reaches out to the community to grow the Golden Lions Club Sponsors program every Spring while planning the new Student Handbook for Fall distribution.
Calendars: Online and Wall Calendars
Student Organizations may have their events added to the on-line calendar and the wall calendar posted next to most bulletin boards on campus.  If an Event Proposal Form is submitted properly, the event will be added to the calendar.
Plan ahead:  Tentative events are encouraged to be added to the calendar early. Tentative events allow other organizations to avoid major conflicts and encourage collaborations. Student life will mark all tentative events with “question Marks” and the event will be removed before printing if not confirmed.


CulinArt is RVCC’s catering company.  Student Organizations are asked to use CulinArt when requesting food, snacks, or drinks at an event.  Student Organizations have two options when purchasing services from CulinArt. They can order from the Full Catering Guide and order linens, tableware, and per person pricing, or they can utilize the Student Catering Guide that CulinArt has put together for student organization use. Ordering from the Student Catering Guide is best on your budget, but you will need request the use of the Tableware Supplies Box for your plates, napkins, and cups which can all be found in the Office of Student Life; a physical copy of either menu can also be found here.  After budget approval, schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director of Student Life to submit your event’s menu selections through the Office of Student Life 30 days prior to your event. Do not work directly with Culinart without Student Life consent.


Submit Conference Proposal and Budget Request Form in time to qualify for "early bird registration". Requests submitted at least 45 days prior to conference will be reviewed and considered based upon most current expenses. The cost increase due to late registration will be taken into consideration. Requests submitted within 45 days may not be considered.The budget must be approved before you can register. 

Release and Indemnification Agreement
Advisors and head officers are responsible for having all attendees complete this contract upon the student's acceptance to participate in off campus activities.

Conference Registration
Plan ahead to ensure the Early Bird rate!
1. Each conference registration is different.  If they will allow a “Bill Me” option, register and get an official invoice. Budget Request must 
be submitted in time to qualify for "early bird registration". Requests submitted at least 45 days prior to conference will be reviewed and considered based upon most current expenses and the cost increase due to late registration will be taken into consideration. Requests submitted within 45 days may not be considered. Payment preference is as follows:

    a. Check Request: Provide invoice and college will send check.
    b. Purchase Order: Provide registration information, college will provide Purchase Order Number and then send a check
    c. Personal Expense Voucher: you pay and submit receipt for reimbursement.
2. For any form of payment, submit a completed copy of conference registration to Student Life
3. Include a copy of the conference flyer, as well as all details including:
    a. Name of conference
    b. Location of conference
    c.  Date of departure and arrival
    d. Names and contact information of attendees
    e. Liability agreements from all attendees
    f. Conference details including the fee per individual
    g. W-9 form for this conference if it is one that is new to the college. 
Transportation: Air/Train/Bus:  At least 30 days prior to travel
1. Research best travel days
2. Select airline/flight/train/etc.
3. Email studentlife@raritanval.edu  the following for every passenger
    a. Name
    b. Date of Birth
    c. Address
    d. Email
    e. Phone (Number and service provider name)
4. If the budget has been approved, we will work with Purchasing to order tickets.
5. Change orders will have to be paid by the individuals involved, if a name or reservation is changed. 

Transportation (Car)
1. The college will reimburse the standard federally approved rate for any mileage that is great than the normal distance from home to the college. (For example, if you need to travel to Newark and live closer to Newark than you do to the college, you will receive no reimbursement if traveling from home.) If you need to come to the school and then travel to a site, full mileage may be reimbursed.
2. Faculty may be reimbursed for traveling from home if the travel date is NOT a day that s/he would normally be on campus (No classes, office hours, etc.)
3. A map showing mileage to and from the conference site must be submitted to Student Life for reimbursement along with documentation of the purpose of the trip (i.e.: MapQuest Printout and conference registration form)
4. Students are encouraged to car pool. If students choose not to car pool, mileage reimbursement will not be provided to those not participating in an organized car pool.  (Reminder: College policy prohibits staff and students from driving together – Travel Policy).
5. Keep all receipts for tolls etc. (EZPass statement acceptable, dates must coincide)

1. Reserve the hotel room Reserve the hotel room with any personal credit card to ensure that you have a room. A hold be put against your card for the reservation amount, but will not be charged to the card and reservations can be transferred or cancelled up to 24 hours before check-in. Confirm this with specific hotel when making reservation.
2. HOTEL TIP: The special conference rate may not be the best rate. Check a travel site (Orbitz, Travelocity, etc) and the hotel website for best available rate.
3. Have the hotel Billing Department email StudentLife@raritanval.edu a formal Invoice including all reservations and all charges including taxes and fees. Incidentals (i.e.: room service, in-room movies, etc.) are the responsibility of those staying in the room.
4. After the budget is approved, work with the Student Life Department Assistant to ensure that a check request is submitted and the college will mail a check to the hotel to pay the bill.
5. Upon check-in, a personal credit card will still be required for incidentals/damages.  This is your responsibility.
Keep itemized receipts for all meals.  Receipt must show items purchased and location of purchase.  Alcohol will not be reimbursed.  (See Alcohol Policy).

Demonstrations and Rallies (College-wide Policy)
The philosophy of RVCC is to encourage freedom in expression or ideas presented in a scholarly and law-abiding manner.  Demonstrations that interfere with the daily operations of RVCC or cause personal injury to individuals or damage to property will not be tolerated on campus.  The normal penalty for students involved in the planning or implementation of such a demonstration will be suspension from RVCC and prosecution to the fullest extent of civil law.
It is important to note that three NJ laws concerning disruptions at educational institutions were passed on January 2, 1969.  They are as follows:
        - 2A.149A-1 Entry into educational premises to commit indictable offense is prohibited;
        - 2A.194A-2 Entry into educational premises to disrupt classes is prohibited;
        - ]2A.149A-3 Interference with students, teachers and others is prohibited.
The college permits rallies or demonstrations when conducted in accordance with the following conditions:
1. That they are not designed to and do not interfere with the daily operations of RVCC
2. That they are not designed to and do not cause personal injury to individuals or damage property.
3. That they are limited to exterior areas; no activity will be permitted inside college building.
There shall be no interference with buildings ingress and egress.  Speaking to other persons shall be conducted so as to not interfere with their easy passage.
4. That intention to hold a demonstration and all its particulars must be filed at least 48 hours in advance of the event.  The statement of intention must include  date, time, and location of demonstration, purpose of said demonstration, approximate number of participants, type of activity involved (i.e.: picketing, distributing of leaflets, etc.) and names of three individuals responsible for maintaining reasonable order.
5. Literature may be posted on authorized bulletin boards only; nothing may be posted on the exterior of college building or elsewhere on the college campus.
6. Student Life staff and security will be present to ensure proper compliance with all rules and regulations.
7. Any student using physical force on another individual will be immediately suspended.
8.      Off-campus picketing is subject to local laws and regulations.
As we have put forth the provisions for acceptable rallies and demonstrations at RVCC, we want to make it very clear to all students that the right to free expression does not in itself provide unlimited freedom in choosing the form and manner of expression.  It is completely unacceptable when the form or manner of expression actually disrupts the normal operation of the college, causes property damage or bodily harm or threatens to do so.

Emergency Procedure
Pre-emergency: In the event that a campus closure appears possible, Student Life will:

1.   Contact all external agency (lecturers/presenters etc.)  and inform them of possible postponement and/or cancellation of event.
2.   Collect direct contact information (cell phone if possible) to keep external agencies informed of any last minute changes.
3.   Post any college announcements to the Student Life and Student Government Facebook pages to allow additional modes of informing students.
During a closure, Student Life will:
1.   Power down and unplug all computers, printers, ID Machine, all electronics in the Student Life office, Game Room, Radio Station, SGA/PTK Office.
2.   Contact all external agencies (lecturers/presenters etc.)  and inform them of possible postponement and/or cancellation of event.
3.   Post any college announcements to the Student Life and Student Government Facebook pages to allow additional modes of informing students.
4.   ID card creation will be temporarily suspended during closure and cannot be done remotely. Lack of ID card should not disrupt student completion.

Identify details to be managed when re-opening following a closure.  Again, distinguish, as appropriate, between shorter closures of 1-2 days, mid length closures of 3-5 days, and those closures lasting beyond a business week. 
1. Inspect and test operation of all electronic equipment including ID Machine.
2. Follow up with all external agencies to reschedule.
3. Update all online postings and bulletin boards of event changes.
Length of closure does not change response

Event Planning: Speakers/Presenters/Talent on Campus
Any organization recognized by the Student Life Office of Raritan Valley Community College has the privilege of inviting a speaker to campus within the limits of the following guidelines:
1. The sponsoring organization must submit an Event Proposal/Budget Form to the Student Life Office at least 45 days prior to the event date.
2. Student Life will review and if funding is requested,  SGA will also review and vote. Student Life will inform the organization of the approval status with 10 business days.
3. After the speaker has been approved, written invitation may be extended to the speaker.  The invitation must include the topic to be presented, day, date, time, location, and any offer of any required fees that have been approved. A copy of this invitation must be submitted to the Student Life Office.
4. Scheduling of speakers must adhere to the following college policy:
    a. The program proposal must be received at least 45 days in advance
    b. No publicity may be circulated until it has been approved by the Student Life Office and speakers have been confirmed. 
5. See spending procedures for more details.

Event Planning: General (For an overview of the Event Planning Checklist, click here)
1. Propose your event to your executive board and advisor, and then to your other club members; estimate a cost for the event, be sure your budget will cover it.
2. After receiving support from your organization, a Campus Event Proposal Form must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the proposed event.
3. The students responsible for the program should meet regularly with their organization advisor and with the Assistant Director of Student Life within 5 days of the budget being approved or at least 40 days prior to the event to confirm room reservation and complete the Event Set-up Request Form.
4. Submit all requests for media (microphones, microphone stands, podiums, speaker/PA systems, etc.) catering, and layout of the room with the Event Set-up Request Form..  
5. The student organization must ensure that the program is not designed to and does not cause personal injury to individuals or damage to property.
6. Student Organizations must ensure that no publicity for a program begins until all proposals and forms have been received and approved by the Student Life Office.  A violation of this policy will result in the immediate cancellation of the program.
7. Student may NOT go to the Finance Office looking for checks for their event nor are they to visit other administrative offices of the College to make arrangements for a program.  A violation of this policy will result in the immediate cancellation of the event.
8. Flyers and fast cards are printed and distributed 2 weeks prior to the event, so have your copy requests in at least 3 weeks ahead of time to leave room for editing and turnaround time for the Print Shop.  Email all requests to StudentLife@raritanval.edu
9. The students responsible for the program should arrive in sufficient time before the program is scheduled to properly coordinate and supervise the event as well as clean up after the event.
10. The responsibility of maintaining order during the program lies with the sponsoring student organization.
11. Each club must submit an event evaluation form to Student Life after each program; subsequent proposal requests will not be considered for approval unless evaluation forms are submitted.
12. All press releases concerning the program shall be distributed by the Marketing Department.  Download a Press Release template and consult your advisor and Student Life as needed.

 Film and Video Copyright Infringement
Adapted from Swank Motion Pictures Inc., Copyright Infringement Brochure

What the Law Says:
The Federal Copyright Act (title 17, United States code, Public Law 94-553, 90 Stat. 2541) governs how copyrighted materials, such as movies, may be utilized publicly.  Neither the rental nor the purchase or lending of a videocassette or DVD carries with it the right to exhibit such a movie publicly outside the home, unless the site where the video is use dis properly licensed for copyright compliant exhibition.  

This legal copyright compliance requirement applies to colleges, universities, public schools, public libraries, day care facilities, parks, recreation departments, summer camps, churches, private clubs, prisons, lodges, business, etc. regardless of whether admission is charged, whether the institution is commercial or non-profit, or whether a federal, state or local agency is involved.  

The movie studios who own copyrights, and their agents, are the only parties who are authorized to license sites such as parks and recreation departments, businesses, museums, etc.  No other group or person has the right to exhibit or license exhibitions of copyrighted movies. 

Furthermore, copyrighted movies borrowed from other sources such as public libraries, colleges, personal collections, etc. cannot be used legally for showing in colleges or universities or in any othe rsite which is not properly licensed.

Unauthorized Public Exhibition of Movies:
The concept of "public performance" is central to copyright and is the main issue of protection for these intellectual properties.  Most of the persons participating in movie productions depend upon royalties for a major portion of their payment for work performed.  

Royalties are the shares paid to movie producers, script writers ,authors, computer programmers, playwrights, musicians, inventors, etc. out of the proceeds resulting from the sale, performance, or use of their work.  If these men and women lose ownership of their work and do not receive royalty revenue, much of which is collected through licensing fees, there would be little incentive for them to continue to invest their time, research, and development costs to create future endeavors.  If this happens, they must then look to the U.S. Copyright Law for assistance.  Consequently, if their intellectual creations are being used by other who are not paying compensation (royalty) for the use, copyright law may need to be enforced. 

For more information on Film and Video Copyright Infringement, please click here to read the full brochure.

Fundraising on Campus
Before conducting any fundraisers, please review the following section and complete the Fundraising Proposal Form.
As the primary fundraising entity for the College, the Foundation has established fundraising guidelines for RVCC student organization fundraisers that involve external business.
1. to ensure that the fundraising activity does not violate legal or tax restraints on the College or the Foundation;
2. to ensure that fundraising efforts do not jeopardize RVCC Foundation proposals or relationships with prospective donors;
3. to ensure that all collections of money through donations, sales and/or  events conducted by approved student organizations comply with federal, state, local laws, and Raritan Valley Community College rules and regulations;
4. to ensure that funds raised from businesses, companies, and individuals not associated with the College are directed to benefit the College community only, and that funds are not transferred to other non-profit organizations or individuals;
5. to ensure that local businesses, companies and individuals receive appropriate acknowledgement of their donations; and to avoid misunderstanding and confusion about the purpose of the activity.

Fundraising Guidelines for Student Clubs and Organizations

1. All fundraising activity must clearly state the beneficiary of the fundraising on all publicity and on-site (ie. American Cancer Society, Red Cross, the “Student Organization Name”).

2. All profits from fundraisers must be submitted to Student Life with a completed "Cash Count" sheet signed by 2 witnesses immediately following the fundraising event. The money will be deposited into the student organization's fundraising account (4910) to be held until requested for the designated purpose of the fundraiser. Expenses incurred for fundraising supplies may be reimbursed directly from the funds raised if the student organization has voted to do so PRIOR to the event. 

3. Student organizations or individual students may engage in fundraising for recognized, non-profit charitable organizations (e.g. Red Cross, Cancer Society, etc.), but the fundraising activities must be confined to the College community and campus. Student organizations or individual students may not use RVCC logos or materials that represent the College to approach local businesses or corporations to raise funds for those organizations.

4. Student organizations or individual students may solicit sponsorships from local businesses or corporations for fundraising activities that will benefit the College community consistent with its mission “to promote leadership, encourage social responsibility, support personal growth, and sustain engaged citizenship.”

5. An approved student organization planning a fundraising activity must complete a Fundraising Proposal Form. Fundraisers intended to raise more than $250 and involve an off-campus business must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the activity and the activity must be approved by the Director of Student Life in consultation with the Director of the RVCC Foundation.

6. All fundraising activities must comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and College rules and regulations. For example, raffles and 50/50 require licensing from the State of NJ, Division of Consumer Affairs, Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission.

7. For any donation to be considered tax-deductible, it must be processed through the RVCC Foundation. 

8. The student organization must assume all direct costs associated with the activity, funds from the Student Activity may not be requested nor used to purchase items to be for a fundraiser. Fundraisers should raise enough funds to cover costs of the fundraiser plus profit to be used for the identified purpose.

Fundraising Limitations

The RVCC Foundation prohibits the following activities:
1. Fundraising for political purposes
2. Sale or distribution of items that would be inappropriate for the general public or present a negative image of the College and student organization
3. Use of College facilities for activities without prior approval as to date, time, location and purpose
4. Sale of products or services at the event by corporate or commercial sponsors
5. Use of proceeds generated from the fundraiser to benefit individuals who organize the fundraising activity

The following business have an established relationship with the Foundation and are not to be solicited from by Student Organizations (this list changes often and organizations must always go through Student Life for approval):
All Area Golf courses
Area hotels near the college and the Marriott in Bridgewater
Banks - no local banks
Candy Bouquet
Chubb & Son (only for matching gifts)
Discover Wine
Ditchsman Fords – Flemington
Flemington Furs
Flemington Car & Truck
Gabriela's Somerville
Girasole - Bound Brook
Hughes Plumer & Associates
Il Forno – Branchburg
Matt's Red Rooster
Ortho McNeil
PC Richards
Shop Rite – Branchburg and Hillsborough
Somerset Medical Center
Stoney Brook Grille
Tru Spa – Branchburg
Verve’s in Somerville
Willie McBride's

Guests at Events Requiring Security
(See “Security” for additional details)
If the Director of Security has determined that security/police are necessary for a Student Organization/Club event, club member assigned to the event entrance to check for RVCC ID or to confirm that every non-student is a guest of an RVCC student. The RVCC host is responsible for the actions of his/her guest.

To promote an event, different forms of advertisements can be created.  All advertisements must be created in Publisher and templates include Posters, Brochures, Fast Cards, Business Cards, Tickets, Buttons, and Bookmarks.  See “Available Templates”.

Mass Emails (Personal Announcements)
Personal Announcements to your group may be sent at your discretion since student chose to be a part of your particular group. Advisors are not to send Personal Announcements to the entire campus. All Student Organization emails to the entire campus must be made through the Office of Student Life with the approval of the Director of Student Life.
Membership: Clubs/Student Organizations 
Student Clubs and Organizations at RVCC are intended for currently enrolled students taking classes at RVCC. Attendance at meetings is limited to members, potential members and special guests by invitation. Faculty, staff, alumni and community members should consult with the officers and organization advisor before attending meetings.

Movie Tickets, Discounted
Student Life offers discount movie tickets to all students, staff, and alumni with a valid RVCC ID Card.  Movie Tickets can be used at any Reading Cinema or AMC Theater, but discounted tickets are not valid for full use on premier movies.  After a two week movie release discounted tickets can be used at any time.  Check with your local theater for specific details regarding 3D, IMAX, and other special promotions. Tickets can be purchased 4 per week for $7.50 per ticket.

New Club, How to start a
The opportunity is always available for students to start a new Student Organization or Club.  Simply follow these steps
1. Write a mission statement
2. Collect names of 8 other students who would be interested in joining, and
3. Find a faculty/staff member to serve as advisor.

Officer Elections
In order to encourage continuity, growth, and stability, Student Organizations asked to elect new officers for the next academic year by the end of March. Immediately after elections, new officers must submit their names to Student Life to be added to our contact lists. The New Officer Report Form is available in the forms section on the Student Life webpage and Lion’s Den page. Student Life announces specific election time lines each year.

Posting Policy and Procedure
To promote an event, Student Organizations can download templates from the Student Life page and create various posters, flyers, bookmarks, etc. Email the MS Publisher file to  studentlife@raritanval.edu and it will be copied for posting on the “Campus Events” boards  on campus. Extra posters will be given back to the student organization for your special use such as posting in special approved places such as advisor/professor door. Student Life Office staff will post the remaining flyers for you on designated bulletin boards.  Community vendors can post advertisements as well, and flyers can be dropped off in Student Life.  Community event flyers will be stamped for approval and remain posted for 2 weeks.

Club/Organization meeting posters may be posted for the first two weeks of the Fall semester only. Everyone CANNOT post all of their individual meeting posters all year long since it will fill up all of the boards with just meeting posters. This is why we created the compilation listing of all meetings. We post this next to all main bulletin boards all year long and we also include a link to the online version in the Student Life Week @ a Glance. We will allow individual club/organization promotion during the first two weeks of the Fall semester and then the posters will be removed. If you have special permission to post on a faculty or staff member's door or office, that is fine, get their permission first.

Posters, flyers, etc. must be approved by the Office of Student Life and may only be placed on bulletin boards designated by the Office of Student Life. Flyers and posters may not be placed on glass, doors, columns, walls, or car windshields.
Poster/Flyer Guidelines
- Maximum poster size is 11 x 17. 
- Neat in appearance and in good taste
- Include the name of the sponsoring organization on all marketing. (logo encouraged)
- Include the “title, day, date, time, and place” for events
- Include RVCC logo if event is held on campus.

After a Student Organization has submitted their budget request form, and all budget requests have been approved you may then proceed with making purchases of any supplies, etc.  Check with Student Life to be sure that Student Life does not already own the item you need or if we have an account with a supplier that can provide what you need and bill directly to the college. If an organization member must purchases supplies, they will be reimbursed by the College providing their request was approved in their SGA allocation. When making a purchase you must:
1. Download the Tax Exempt form from the RVCC website, or the SGA Lion’s Den Groups Page.
2. Present the Tax Exempt form at the register at the time of purchase with a photo ID. It is illegal to use the Tax Exempt form for personal items, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO SO.
3. Be sure to get an ITEMIZED, official, dated receipt with the companies name printed on the receipt. Reimbursement will be denied without an itemized receipt.
4. Fill out the Cash Reimbursement form and submit all itemized receipts to Student Life.
5. In 2-3 business days, the person receiving the check will need to return to Student Life to sign the Personal Expense Voucher form which will then be sent to the Finance Office for processing.
6. Once the Personal Expense Voucher is processed, a check will be mailed to your home.

Room Requests: Events
Room requests are needed for all events held on campus and for student organization and club meetings (see below for meetings).  To reserve a space for an event, pick up the Event Set-up Request Form at least 30 days prior to the proposed date and schedule a brief review meeting with the Assistant Director of Student Life.

Room Requests: Meetings
Student Organization Meetings or committee meetings also require room reservations. If you have to have a meeting that was not planned ahead, you must find an available classroom by physically looking for one. If a room is not used you are welcome to use the room for your meeting with the understanding that should there be any scheduled user or class that comes into the space, you must politely and quickly leave the room without delay.

Student Safety is a primary concern for all events and extra attention is given to after-hours social events that are geared towards a mature audience.
Events that meet more than 1 of the following criteria will require Campus Security Guards to monitor the event:

  1. Dance party or social activity.
  2. More than 50 people anticipated to attend.
  3. The event may contain music or language that may be considered PG-13.
  4. The event is planned to end after 10pm


In order to determine if an event will require additional Security or Police presence, the office of Student Life will provide the following information to the Director of Security who, based upon experience and the below  information will make a judgment call to determine the level of security necessary for campus events:

  1. Type of event
  2. End time (after 10pm is a factor.)
  3. Anticipated audience (greater than 100 in attendance is a factor.)
  4. Invited participants (other colleges, which communities, etc.)


 Spending Procedure for Approved Budgets (Supplies, Services,  Contracts & Invoices)

  1. Prior to purchasing any supplies or services for any event, the student organization must first submit and have an Event/Budget Proposal Form approved for the event. 
  2. The Director of Student Life is the primary staff member responsible for signing contracts on behalf of student organizations. Contracts CANNOT be signed by students and/or advisors. 
  3. All itemized receipts, contracts, invoices must be submitted to Student Life in order for any payment to be made. 
  4. Payment of contracts and purchase requisitions may take up several weeks, PLAN AHEAD. 
  5. Raritan Valley Community College WILL NOT be responsible for any purchases made by a member of a student organization or Advisor; the student/Advisor is solely responsible for any debts incurred (unless previously authorized). 
  6. RVCC is a tax exempt organization, therefore tax paid on items purchased by individuals WILL NOT be reimbursed. Tax exempt forms are available through Student Life for approved events. 


Student Discount Program
Local vendors are encouraged to offer discounts to the RVCC employee, student, and alumni community. All discounts/promotions are compiled by the Office of Student Life and will be available on the Student Life Website as well as a “Student Discount Card” updated each semester.

Student Activity Fee
RVCC dedicates a portion of the General Registration Fee it collects from students to create and maintain a Student Activity Fund. This fund is used to support co-curricular programming to further develop the academic, social, cultural, athletic, and leadership skills of RVCC students. Specific allocations from the fund support Athletics, Leadership Development, Learning Enrichment, Student Government, Student Organizations, and the Student Program Board. The College’s Student Government Association is responsible for making recommendation to the College administration on the allocation and expenditure of this fund.

All student organization funds, including dues, donations, fund-raising income, and allocations from the Student Activity Fund, are maintained in internal accounts managed by the College. Expenditures from an organization’s account must be consistent with the organization’s Constitution and Mission Statement. Programs supported by the Student Activity Fund are open and available to all RVCC students.
The College reserves the right to establish further regulations, or modify existing regulations, relating to the collection, management, and expenditure of student organization funds as it deems appropriate at any time. 
Responsible Administrator – Dean of Student Services

Guidelines for the Funding of Student Organizations
To be eligible to receive support from the Student Activity Fund, a student organization must meet all of the following criteria.

  • Have on file with the Office of Student Life a current Constitution and Mission Statement,
  • Keep the Office of Student Life informed of all current officers and faculty/staff advisor(s),
  • Submit a Campus Event/Budget Proposal form to Student Life at least 45 days prior to event.

Guidelines for Co-Curricular Funding

The purpose of the Co-Curricular Programs Fund is to provide co-curricular programs to assist in the development of educational, social, cultural, vocational, athletic, and leadership skills of all students. 

1.The Dean of Student Services and the Director of Student Life manage the General Co-Curricular Programming Fund.
2. The Student Government Association (SGA) manages the Student Organization/Club Programming Fund to be requested by student clubs and organizations to enhance the campus community experience.  Clubs submit funding budget requests to SGA for review and approval upon consultation with the Director of Student Life for final approval.

Where does the Co-Curricular Program Fund come from?
Financial support for co-curricular programs comes from a portion of the general tuition fee paid for each credit by on-campus students during the Spring and Fall Semesters.  This portion is not taken from the general fee for on-line students or summer students.

Who can request funding?
Individual students or groups of students may request funding for educational projects, research, programs, etc. The students must have a faculty sponsor to oversee and assist with the planning of the project and the project must contribute towards enhancing the requesting students’ educational experience, and must also provide an opportunity for the general student body to gain from the experience. (For example: Students who conduct a research trip must plan and present a program open to the whole campus). Campus wide events must adhere to the event planning guidelines set forth by the Office of Student Life.

How can the funding be requested?
Students can request funding for a project/program by completing a Co-Curricular Event Proposal/Budget Request Form. Funds requests are reviewed the first week of October, November, February, and March.

For more information on the Co-Curricular Funding Guidelines, please click here.  

Student Enrichment Grant

Table Request
Student Organizations often host bake sales and promotion tables.  To request a table fill out the Promo Table Request form and return it to Student Life at least 2 weeks before the requested date. 

  1. All organizations desiring to travel to a conference, either overnight or one day, must complete a Travel Authorization Form and submit it to the Student Life Office at least 4 weeks in advance of the trip.  The names and identification numbers of all students attending the trip must be attached to the travel form, along with a signed letter from the group’s advisor stating that he/she will attend the trip.  All students attending must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  2. Itemized receipts for any and all meal or transportation costs MUST be submitted with the Travel Expense Report within 2 business days of returning from the conference. 
  3. The limits for spending on meals are in accordance with the IRS Meal Allowance Regulations.
  4. If there is any expense involved, not paid for by fundraising, travel must be approved through the Student Organization Allocation Process or the Co-Curricular Fund Allocation process before registering for a conference and request must adhere to the current funding process put forth by Student Life and Student Government.



Student groups may borrow the following supplies by requesting from Student Life at least a week in advance. Plan ahead to confirm availability and to find alternative resource if item is already reserved. A member/officer must accept responsibility for the equipment and sign it out no more than 24 hours prior to your event. The equipment should be returned in the same condition in which it was borrowed (clean after use) and returned within 24 hours after the event.

 Boom Box
A small portable stereo is available to be used in a smaller venue to play background music for club socials, etc.

Button Maker & Supplies
Student Life owns a small button maker that can be used upon request.  A Publisher template is used to create the image for the button, and once printed and cut, each button is made individually.  Supplies for the button maker include buttons, clear covers, and the template which can be downloaded from the SGA Groups page. Check current supply costs with Student Life and funding requests must be included in your budget proposal to SGA.

There are 1 large and 2 small carts that can be used to transport supplies for campus events.

Student Organizations should pick up a cashbox and cash count sheet before any event where there will be an exchange of money.  Immediately after the event, complete the cash count sheet and return to Student Life with all money to be deposited.

Coffee Pot
- small 6 cup coffee pot
- large 24 cup coffee pot

Drink Dispenser
Two 3-gallon cold drink dispensers.

There are many games that can also be checked out by Student Organizations.  The primary use of these games is at the Picnics and Recruitment Days for Student Organizations to use to attract attention to their tables.   They are available year round for social events, team building, etc. 

  • 6 Badminton Rackets and Birdies
  • Volleyballs
  • Ladder Ball
  • Hula Hoops
  • Ring Toss Set
  • Bean Bag Toss Game

General Office Supplies
  • Cutting Board 
  • Markers (Regular and Whiteboard) 
  • Scissors 
  • Stapler 
  • Tape 
  • White Board Erasers 
  • Paper cutter (in office use only) 


Glass Vases
Glass vases are available for use as center pieces at formal events.  (use with flowers, glass beads, sand, etc. )

Leadership Library
The Director of Student Life has a multitude of games, books, and team building materials available for personal development or ideas to develop your team. The Leadership Library includes, but is not limited to:
- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)
- 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (John C Maxwell)
- Developing the Leader Within You (John C Maxwell)
- Exploring Leadership (Komives, Lucas, McMahon)
-  FISH: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results” (Stephen C. Lundin)
-  Leaderships Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection of Leadership Lessons
-  Let Your Leadership Speak – How to Lead and Be Heard
-  Roberts Rules of Order
-  Whale Done: The Power of Positive Relationships (Blanchard)


Each club is given a mailbox in Student Life.  Snail mail, extra posters, and other deliveries to your organization will be placed in your mailbox. Student Organizations should check their mailbox at least weekly.

Marketing Templates
Several Publisher Templates have been created to be used for marketing student organizations and their events. The following templates are available for download from the Lion’s Den on the Student Life Page and the SGA Group’s page. Remember to always include your organization logo as well as RVCC logo.
- Bookmarks (club meeting time info, series, long term, small, economical, useful)
- Brochures (3 fold and 4 fold are available)
- Business Cards (sized appropriately and marked with the RVCC logo)
- Buttons (Formatted on an 11x17 paper, 12 buttons to a page; design within the innermost circle)
- Fast Cards, Portrait or Landscape (Index Card sized, can be passed out and left on tables around campus)
- Poster, 11x17 Portrait or Landscape (large flyers used to advertise events)
- Tickets

Portable Sound System
Student Life has a small battery-operated portable speaker and microphone available. Can be carried on should for giving tours, for outdoor events where you may need to move around and make announcements in different locations quickly and more.

Student Life has 2 different types of tables clothes for your use:
- a set of 40 green linen tablecloths for use at formal events (inductions, dinner ceremonies, etc.)
- plastic table cloths of various colors that can be signed out for any club occasion (bake sale, concert, promo table, etc.)

Tableware Supplies Box
2 boxes stocked with tableware supplies for 100 people, and can be reserved for use at events. Donated food or food from the Student Catering Guide does not include plates, napkins and flatware. SGA supplies these materials for all approved events and meetings.  One box is for formal events, and one is for informal/casual events.  Boxes include: utensils (forks, knives, spoons), napkins, cups, plates (dinner and dessert sized), sugar packets, coffee stirrers. Reserve the box at least 1 week before event.

Tri-Folds Table Display Boards
Student Organizations are encouraged to create a poster display to represent themselves at events such as Club Recruitment Day, and the Welcome Back Picnic.  Tri-Folds are available in the Office of Student Life; completed boards should be stored with Student Life after the event.  If you are graduating, the incoming officers can re-use your board; if you aren’t graduating, the board can be stored in Student Life until we return from break.  When creating your board, use Rubber Cement or Fun Tac as an adhesive so that your tri-fold can be re-used from semester to semester. 

Whiteboard Easels and Arrows
Large whiteboard easels and arrow shaped signs are available to help advertise an event.


Marketing for your events and organization is vital to your success. Student Life will facilitate color copies for your events and BW copies for minutes, agendas, etc. After designing the advertisement in Microsoft Publisher and having it reviewed and proofed by your organization’s advisor, email file to studentlife@raritanval.edu and CC your advisor at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Requests sent less than 3 weeks prior MAY be denied at the discretion of the Director of Student Life. After being reviewed by office staff, the copies will be sent to the Print Shop and can be picked up when completed. Jobs may take 1-5 days to be completed. Publicity requests for events submitted less than a week before the event, WILL NOT be approved for color printing.  SGA covers standard printing costs for events. The following are standard quantities:
- 35 posters/flyers
- 300 fastcards
- Handouts for event: enough for anticipated attendance
- Minutes/agendas: enough for active members

Leadership Development
The Office plans several leadership opportunities throughout the year, but is also available for special needs or for smaller personalized workshops. Make an appointment with the Director or Assistant Director to discuss planning one of the following for your Student Organization/Club.
-"13 Minute Mini-Leadership Lesson"
(Subject to scheduling availability) A brief micro-workshop based upon your Student Organization’s needs and availability. Sample Topics: Group Decision Making, Teambuilding, Goal Setting, Event Planning, Conflict Management, Budget Planning.
- Icebreakers (5-30 minutes): We can facilitate or give you the resources to facilitate ice-breakers for your team early in the year.
- Teambuilding Workshop (20-60 minutes): Fun interactive way to help build your group into a team.

Mass Emails (see Week at a Glance)

Monthly Calendar
Student Life produces a monthly calendar including all scheduled events by Student Organizations and other departments.  Email studentlife@raritanval.edu by the 15th of the month before your event to add it to the calendar. If you submitted a Campus Event Proposal Form, the event will be added automatically. 

Student ID's
All students are required to have a valid RVCC Identification (ID) Card in their possession at all times when on college property or at any other location where the College offers courses.  RVCC ID cards may be obtained at the Office of Student Life or the Library.  In order to obtain your RVCC ID, after enrolling for courses, bring a G#, and present a current valid photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.; bank/credit card is not acceptable).

A student is required to present his/her RVCC Identification Card when requested to do so by College personnel.

The RVCC ID card is used for access to various College facilities and services, and Office of Student Life.  The RVCC ID card includes a bar-code that is required for use of the College library, the public libraries in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, Fitness Center and RVCC athletic facilities.  The Theatre at RVCC offers discounted tickets to students with a valid ID card.  For additional information, contact the Office of Student Life at 908-526-1200 ext. 8873.

Week at a Glance
In order to streamline communication and reduce number of mass emails, The Office of Student Life will send one updated, comprehensive list of events each week.  All Student Organizations, departments, etc., wishing to post mass email personal announcements, must submit events by 8am on the first business day of each week in order to be included in the following week’s listing.

Emails should be formatted as follows:
Title of Event
Day, Date
Time, Place
Contact Person for Event
Sponsoring Organization Name
Brief Description of Event

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