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EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund)

You may be able to attend college tuition free!

What is EOF?
The Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF) is a state grant which provides eligible students with academic and economic assistance to help them earn their college degree. Eligible students receive year-round services including:

- Assistance with the admission and enrollment process
- Academic advisement
- Financial Aid assistance
- Personal counseling
- General career counseling
- General transfer counseling
- Academic support services
- Funding for summer courses

Students currently in the program who decide to transfer to a four-year institution in New Jersey may transfer their EOF status, enabling them to continue to receive the funding, as well as the support services.


EOF Eligibility
1. US citizen or permanent resident (student visas are not accepted)
2. Applicants must have established New Jersey residency at least a year prior to receiving state aid
3. High school diploma or equivalent
4. Willingness to attend college on a full time basis (minimum 12 credits)
5. Meet the minimum income eligibility determined by the state. Eligibility is based on household size and gross income. Verification of income will be required.


To apply for EOF
- Fill out an EOF application
- Submit proof of income
- Complete a Federal Student Aid Form (FAFSA)
- Indicate RVCC code on FAFSA Code# 007731
- Interview with an EOF staff

For information on the Educational Opportunity Fund Program at Raritan Valley Community College, please complete the  application form.

Email eof@raritanval.edu or call 908-218-8875.
Donyea Collins, EOF Director
Jennifer Marrero, EOF Assistant Director


Mandatory Summer Orientation
Approximately one week prior to the start of classes, incoming EOF students must attend a one (1) week orientation program from Monday through Thursday, 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. The orientation will provide students with helpful information for college success.

All new EOF students will be required to enroll in “The College Experience” course during the fall semester.


Mission Statement
The Mission of Raritan Valley Community College is to create a community of learners who value intellectual achievement, scholarship, diversity of thought, leadership, and service to the community. Our culture supports an environment that is committed to student success, workforce development, life-long learning, and responsible citizenship. Our quality, open-access and affordable rigorous programs provide a gateway to education for our community.


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