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Transfer After RVCC - FAQs
Start Here, Transfer Anywhere.

Why start your college education at RVCC?
Avoid huge college debt. At RVCC you can receive a high quality education for a fraction of what it would cost to attend to a four-year college or university. As an RVCC graduate, you can easily transfer to a four-year college or university here in New Jersey or anywhere in the country. Our graduates have transferred to top colleges and universities including Cornell, NYU, Stanford, Smith, Rutgers and The College of New Jersey.

What is key to a successful transfer?
Planning ahead. RVCC offers many services for students interested in transferring including workshops, transfer fairs and counseling. Our transfer counselors work with you to devise transfer plans that make the most of your time and education at RVCC. Counselors also assist you in selecting an academic major and colleges that match your interests.

Do grades count when transferring credits?
Yes, grades count. Many colleges require a specified minimum grade point average.The higher the grade point average, the more transfer options are available. Grade requirements vary depending on the college and the program. Certain degrees—such as education, business and engineering—may require higher grade point averages.

Will NJ four-year public colleges and universities accept all credits earned at RVCC?
Yes. A state law establishes a statewide transfer agreement for students transferring from a community college to a public, four-year college or university. Students who graduate with an associate of arts or an associate of science degree from RVCC can seamlessly transfer with junior status to a bachelor’s degree program at a NJ four-year public college or university. The law does not guarantee admission to any four-year school. You should select a major that aligns with your anticipated bachelor degree major.

Can RVCC graduates transfer to colleges and universities outside of New Jersey?
Yes. RVCC graduates have successfully transferred to hundreds of public and private colleges and universities outside of New Jersey. For a listing of schools that have accepted RVCC graduates, visit www.raritanval.edu/transferschools.

What scholarship opportunities are available to RVCC graduates who transfer to a four-year school?
Students who achieve a high grade point average have a wealth of scholarship opportunities available through Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for community colleges. Phi Theta Kappa members have received generous scholarships to The College of New Jersey, Rutgers University, Kean University and Drew University—just to name a few schools. Many colleges offer incentive scholarships and other scholarship programs for transfer students.

Are there transfer events held on the RVCC campus?
Yes. Throughout the year RVCC hosts transfer workshops and fairs, individual college recruitment visits, and on-site “instant decision” programs conducted by some colleges. Regional and national college fairs are also held at NJ convention centers away from RVCC hosting as many as 400-500 colleges. For a listing of transfer fairs, go to www.raritanval.edu/transferevents.

What are “Articulation Agreements”?
Articulation agreements are special arrangements between two collegesto facilitate seamless transfer of students. Some articulation agreements are focused on specialized majors, while others are general agreements involving any major available at a college. To view a list of schools in the United States and Europe that have articulation agreements with RVCC, visit: www.raritanval.edu/transferagreements.

How do I find out if an RVCC course will transfer to another NJ institution?
RVCC participates in NJ Transfer, a computerized data information system created to facilitate the transfer of students from community colleges to New Jersey’s four-year colleges and universities. NJ Transfer enables you to ascertain the transferability status of any community college course. It indicates whether the course is transferable and provides the receiving institution’s equivalent course number. Recommended course selections for each major are also available. Visit NJ Transfer’s website at www.njtransfer.org. Many out-of-state colleges also maintain on their websites a transfer database of RVCC course equivalencies.

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