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SGA represents the student body on several advisory committees and focus groups to improve college functioning in the areas of food service, technology, academics, student life, book store.  There are many opportunities to meet with the Student Government Association to discuss issues, brainstorm ideas, and work together to improve the college community. 

Help us help you by giving us your suggestions, ideas, and feedback today!



Student Government recognizes excellence in the Faculty and Staff at RVCC with the Faculty/Staff of the Month award.  If you would like to nominate a Faculty or Staff member who has impacted you, submit the Faculty/Staff of the Month Nomination Form.   

 Mission Statement 

Your Student Government Association serves all RVCC students and supports student success by fostering intellectual growth; stimulating students' activities on campus; enhancing unity and diversity; and ultimately assisting leadership and personal excellence.

SGA Constitution and By-Laws 


Meet the Executive Board    

Laura Nicholson, President

Major: Math/Physics
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Laura is beginning her second year as a student at RVCC.  He is currently double-majoring in physics and math, although she plans to pursue her studies in astrophysics.  In addition to Student Government, Laura is also a former Student Ambassador and President of the Astronomy Club.  She is currently involved with the RVCC Planetarium, where she enjoys working in the observatory.  In her free time, Laura reads X-Men comics, tends to her cactus garden, and pursues a coffee addiction that is the stuff of legend.  

Email: lnic5863@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 Tues & Thurs, 10am-12pm
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Siddharth Raut, Executive Vice President

Major: Pre-Med
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Siddharth is a Pre-Health major who plans to be a Dentist.  He also serves as a Student Worker in the Student Life Office where is works to help students in every possible.  He is very friendly and likes to make new friends.  Being elected as Vice President of Student Government is going to help him reach his goal of helping the community to flourish in the best possible way.

Email: srau5380@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours: Tues & Thurs, 1-2pm
                       Fri, 11am-1pm
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Melissa Maslyn, Vice President of Finance

Major: Business Administration 
Hometown: Belle Mead, NJ  
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Melissa is an aspiring accounting professional currently in her third semester at RVCC and working toward an A.S. in Business Administration.  She graduated from Montgomery High School in 2014.  In high school she played the oboe in the Wind Ensemble and put orchestra and wrote and edited the current events page of the school's newspaper.  In January of 2015 she completed her Girl Scout Gold Award, partnering with The Center for Great Expectations, a crisis pregnancy center in Somerset.  In 2014-15 she worked as an office assistant in the Office of Student Life.  This position gave her the opportunity to act as a daily ambassador to faculty and students.  She is looking forward to continuing to serve the RVCC community as SGA VP of Finance.  In her free time she enjoys reading and learning German.  

Email: mmas3748@stu.raritanval.edu 
Office Hours:
 Mon, 9-11am
                       Thurs, 9-11am
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115 

Gia Noe, Vice President of Information and Media

Major: Biology and Environmental Science 
Hometown: Martinsville
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Gia is a second year student at RVCC who is pursuing degrees in Biology and Environmental Science.  She plans on pursuing a careers as an environmental engineer.  Gia is passionate about environmental sustainability, and she hopes to one day work to reduce plastic waste in our oceans.  She also works with the Biology-Chemistry club, and helps coordinate the Little Scientists' Fair.  Gia spends her free time caring for her son, Jayden, and dominating at video games.  Her biggest accomplishment is completing Bioshock 2 in a period of three days.   

Email: gnoe4948@stu.raritanval.edu 
Office Hours:
 Wed, 11am-3pm
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Andy Owusu Sekyere, President of Student Life Activities & Planning (SLAP) Board

Major: Information Systems and Technology
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Born and raised in Tema, Ghana in West Africa and coming from a small country, Andy has learned to appreciate the small things in life.  Andy attended Bound Brook High School, and is currently a 2nd year student at RVCC/  His involvement in SLAP Board started when he was the Vice President of Information and wanted to contribute even more to the organization.  Andy is a big soccer fan (Barcelona!) and anything tech and computerized drives him.  

Andy encourages everyone to attend the General Member meeting which will invite all students to be a part of planning events for SLAP.  He encourages all students to attend and learn more about this great organization.  Feel free to email him to discuss ideas, questions, or concerns you have about SLAP Board.  Andy and his entire board want their events to make a difference and help to create a campus where students are satisfied with what they see and experience!

Email: aowu6094@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 Wed, 3-5pm
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115
Meet the Senators  

Jeréah Lawrence, Senator

Major: Liberal Arts - Social Science 
Hometown: Flemington, NJ 
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: I was born in Newark, NJ.  I love to laugh and my favorite color is blue.  My birthday is in August and I love warm weather.  Some sports that interest me are track and field which I ran in high school as well as cross country and football.  I love to be around fun people.  I value honesty, dependability, and being integral.

Email: jlaw4199@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 Tues, 2:30-3:30pm
                       Thurs, 1-2pm
                      SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115  

Valeriya Paratsa, Senator

Major: Mathematics and Computer Science 
Hometown: Bridgewater  
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Valeriya is entering her second year here at Raritan Valley.  Originally born in Ukraine, she grew up in Staten Island before moving to New Jersey.  Then, after graduating from Bridgewater-Raritan High School, she joined the Honors College here at RVCC.  She is also an avid member of RVCC's Rotaract Club.  Besides Math and Computer Science, Valeriya also has a keen interest in and appreciation of the arts, specifically visual art.  She visits art exhibits whenever she can and paints in her own spare time as well.  

Email: vpar5084@stu.raritanval.edu  
Office Hours:
 Thurs, 3-5pm
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Bhargavi Cherukuri, Senator

Major: Pre-Medical
Hometown: Montgomery, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: Bhargavi is a pre-med student at RVCC.  She aspires to become a medical genetic researcher who will one day find cures for genetic disorders like Alzheimer's. Before become the senator of SGA, she was the SGA representative of Bio-Chem Club. As a senator, she hopes to the best she can to give back to the RVCC community she is a part of. She is currently is a volunteer at NJ-Eastern Star Home for Senior Citizens. In her free time she likes reading novels and watching movies.

Email: vche7575@stu.raritanval.edu 
Office Hours:
 Thurs, 2-4pm
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Shawn Rumrill, Senator

Anticipated Graduation Year: 
About Me: 

Email: srum4928@stu.raritanval.edu 
Office Hours:
 Tues & Thurs 8:50-9:50
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Meet the Advisor

 Russell D Barefoot

Russell D Barefoot, Advisor

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
About: Russell has been the Director of Student Life since January 2011 and truly loves working with student development in higher education. He has worked in Student Affairs since 1995 after completing his Master's Degree in higher education administration. In his free time, Russell loves to practice yoga, cook wonderful vegan food, be a DIY weekend warrior, and do yard work and house projects. 

Email: Russell.Barefoot@raritanval.edu


Meet the Alumni Rep

 Nathan Bott

Nathan Bott, 
Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees 2015-16




SGA Your Voice Networking Hour
Every month SGA hosts a coffee hour for students to gather, discuss issues, brainstorm ideas, and work together to improve our college community.  Student Government often invites special guests to share their knowledge on scholarships, college innovations, and other information of interest to the general student body.  Students have an opportunity to voice their concerns, make suggestions for college betterment, and get to know their student government leaders.  Networking Hour is once per month, located on the first floor of the college center.  Free coffee, tea, and refreshments are provided.   

General Assembly
Each month SGA welcomes all students and club representatives to come together for a general assembly meeting to share information and hear the monthly reports of all current and future club activities or events.  The meeting is held during College hour on the last Tuesday of each month.  

College Forum      
The college forum is an open meeting for all faculty, students, and staff.  Students are invited to participate in discussing issues that are related to developing policies, co-curriculum, and how the college is being operated.  The Forum is during College Hour, on the first Tuesday of every month. 


Leadership Development 

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Leadership Series 
Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa work together to plan a series of interactive Leadership Development workshops with sponsorship from our friends at TD Bank. All students are encouraged to attend these workshops to gain leadership skills, network with the professional guest presenters, be inspired, and develop their Student Engagement Transcript.  Topics have included: civility in action, effective communication, servant leadership, overcoming adversity, leading a balanced life, ethical decision making, and more!

 Museum of Tolerance Experience
SGA hosts an annual bus trip to the Museum of Tolerance in New York City.  This unique center provides participants with an intense educational and experiential day-long training program. Through interactive workshops, exhibits, and videos, individuals explore issues of prejudice, diversity, tolerance, and cooperation in the workplace and in the community.


Contact Us

SGA Office: 1st Floor Bateman Center, BC-115
                           Inside the Student Life Suite
                           908-526-1200 x8911
                           Office Hours listed above

SGA Email: sga@raritanval.edu  

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