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RVCC Career Services

MUST READ - Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination & Safety Reporting Policy

Guidelines for Posting a Job or Internship

For Employers: Guidelines for Online Job Posting and On-Campus Recruitment

The RVCC Career Services department monitors all job postings and on-campus recruitment activity and reserves the right to reject a posting and/or prohibit further on-campus recruitment for any listings [or organizations] that are believed to be inaccurate, misleading, unethical or illegal. Employer postings subject to removal include those in which:

· There is inaccurate contact, company, or salary information.

· There are unclear details about the position and or company recruiting practices.

· A complaint has been brought forth about the organization/position by a student.

· Information has been brought forward which puts in question the validity of the posting / position.

In such cases Career Services will proceed as follows:

· The employer will be notified of the situation and given the opportunity to provide the missing information or to discuss the matter with Career Services staff.

· The posting(s) in question will not be activated online until such time as the employer contacts our department with the missing /updated information.

· No future postings from the organization will be posted until such time as the missing/inaccurate information is provided and/or outstanding issues are resolved.

· In the case of on-campus recruitment, if outstanding issues cannot be resolved, the organization/company will no longer be permitted to recruit at RVCC.

Additionally, please note that Career Services will not accept the following jobs for on-line posting:

~ Multi-level marketing opportunities

~ Opportunities that require fees for training or start-up, or that require the prospective employee to purchase products or equipment

~ Positions for Personal Assistants

Commission-only positions must be clearly stated as such.

Organizations recruiting through RVCC Career Services agree to contact the Career Services Department when their position is filled by any RVCC student or graduate. For your convenience, this form can be accessed through your Online Employer Account by clicking "Report Offers/Hires."

Employers are expected to conduct all recruiting related activities in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers™ "Principles for Professional Conduct For Career Services and Employment Professionals." Full text may be viewed at http://www.naceweb.org/principles/principl.html. In addition, employers must comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines.


To print out the above guidelines, please follow the link below:


Establishing a Successful Internship Program

Post a Job or Internship

Welcome Employers!

Our partnership with College Central Network provides employers with an exciting new level of service! The Lion Job Board not only allows you to post jobs, you can now search resumes as well! 

To learn more about posting an internship, click here!  To post a job, click on the image below, choose "Employers," and register to get started!!

CCN Lion Job Board

Have additional questions? RVCC's Career Services Advisor can help! Call 908-526-1200 x8338 or email Wendy Schnall, wendy.schnall@raritanval.edu

On-campus Recruitment

Reserve a Recruiting Table

Employers -- Talk to and recruit students on the Raritan Valley Community College campus. Tables are conveniently located in a high traffic area (usually adjacent to the cafeteria or bookstore). To reserve a table on-campus, contact Laurie Vosburg, Career Services Support Specialist, at RVCCcareer@smail.raritanval.edu or 908-526-1200 X8934.  

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