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Who should take FOCUS?                              Focus Color Logo1

Note: Assessment tools are designed to help you identify your interests, skills, personality type, and values and how they can be best matched with school or career pursuits. Many self-assessments make a correlation between your personal attributes and related career fields; however, they do not provide a definitive answer to the question "What career should I choose?" Instead, they give you suggestions of a variety of careers that might be a good match for you. You will benefit the most from self-assessment if you see a career counselor to assist you with interpreting the results.

  How much time does it take?

  • FOCUS takes about 45 minutes to complete, although you can spend additional time researching different occupational choices and viewing over 300 career videos!

   How can I get started?      FOCUS STUDENT GUIDE 




(Log in to your Lion's Den account and view the Career Services button located under Student Services for the access code)

(Log in to the account you already created)  

   What's next?    

In addition to self-assessment tools, there are other ways you can evaluate yourself. You can learn a great deal about your interests, skills and values through real life experiences such as internships. Also, the best way to understand your results and plan your future is to meet with a career counselor in the Career Services Center. They can assist you with interpreting the information you've learned about yourself, potential majors and careers.    

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