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Student Conduct

One of the core values of Raritan Valley Community College is to foster an environment of mutual respect, responsibility, and collaboration. The RVCC  Code of Student Conduct (Code) establishes expectations of behavior for all RVCC students regardless of enrollment status or campus location. The provisions of the Code govern the actions of all students whether at a College-owned or managed location or at a College-sponsored or supervised function or event.

Upon admission to the College, a student incurs the responsibility for becoming familiar with and abiding by, the provisions of the Code. Accused student(s) are presumed to be not responsible for violations. All Code of Conduct Disciplinary proceedings use the preponderance of the evidence standard (which is “more likely than not” and the standard used by civil courts in the United States). This standard requires that the Disciplinary Review Board or Conduct Officer be persuaded that it is more likely than not that the allegations brought against the accused student are true. Violations of the Code may result in a student receiving a failing grade on an assignment or in a course, required community service, Disciplinary Warning, Disciplinary Probation, Disciplinary Suspension, Disciplinary Expulsion, or another appropriate penalty.

Within this section of the Student Services website you will find relevant polices, helpful information as well as a form to easily report possible violations.  Students and employees who need to report victimization, can be assisted by campus authorities to report crimes to law enforcement.  Victims who seek out assistance can receive information on obtaining no contact orders, information about the enforcement of an order already in existence, contact information for campus and local advocacy, counseling, health, mental health and legal assistance services.

If you have questions about the Code of Student Conduct, contact the the Assistant Dean for Student Services, Jason Fredericks in College Center C-143 jfrederi@raritanval.edu or the Dean for Student Services, Diane Lemcoe in College Center, C-143 dlemcoe@raritanval.edu.  V
iolations relating to academic dishonesty, cheating or plagiarism should be directed to the Dean of Academic Affairs, Patrice Marks Ph.D. in College Center, C-150  pgmarks@raritanval.edu.

Code of Student Conduct


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