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Financial Aid ~ RVCC Student Employment

In order to be eligible for RVCC student employment a student must be a Raritan Valley Community College student registered for at least 6 credits each semester of employment.

There are two different types of student employment: Federal Work Study and Part-time Student Employment.

Part-time (PT) student employees are hired by a department and paid out of the department's operating budget.

The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program is a federally funded, financial aid program designed to provide part-time employment for students with unmet financial need. Unlike other financial aid programs that are credited directly to the students account, Work Study must be earned by working at RVCC. All FWS positions at RVCC are on-campus; there are no off-campus positions available. FWS Students receive a bi-weekly payroll check like other part time student workers. The amount of your hourly wage & the amount of your work study allocation will determine how many hours you are allowed to work per semester. When the FWS allocation is reached, you must stop working! RVCC receives a limited amount of FWS funds per fiscal year from the Federal Government. The Financial Aid Office monitors and administers this program. 

How do I know if I am FWS eligible?

To be eligible for RVCC student employment a student must:

  • Be a Raritan Valley Community College student
  • Be enrolled for at least 6 credits each semester they are employed
  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Be enrolled in a degree or certificate granting program
  • Have unmet need as determined by the Financial Aid Office

What jobs are available and how do I get one?

A listing of open positions are available on our Campus Jobs page. If the job is listed as Work Study only check with the financial aid office to verify that you are eligible for FWS. Once you find a position you are interested in you should contact the department at the number listed and let them know that you are interested in the position. Each department will have different application procedures and hiring guidelines based on the position requirements.

How much can I get paid and how many hours per week can I work?

You must get paid at least the minimum wage which is currently $8.38/hour in New Jersey. Different jobs will pay different amounts based on department budgets and the difficulty of the job.

You can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. You cannot exceed 20 hours per week. You and your supervisor will create a work schedule. Work hours cannot be scheduled during class time. Your education is your primary priority and therefore you should discuss with your supervisor different options if you find that your work is negatively affecting your academics.

What forms will I need to complete once I am hired and as I work?

Once you are hired you will need to complete a New Hire Packet available from Human Resources located on the second floor of Somerset Hall. Complete and return these forms to Human Resources as soon as possible. You cannot begin working until these forms are processed and approved by Human Resources.

Your supervisor will complete a Personnel Action Form (PAF). If you are a FWS worker the PAF will be returned to the Financial Aid Office. If you are being paid out of the department's budget the PAF will be returned to Human Resources.

Every two weeks you will turn in your completed Payroll Voucher on the Monday after the payroll period has ended. The voucher must be completed by you and signed by your supervisor. If you are a FWS worker the voucher must also be signed by the financial aid office. This form is what the Payroll department uses to issue your paycheck. If you do not turn in your payroll voucher on time you will not be paid until the next payroll cycle.

Is summer employment available?

If you intend to register for courses in the fall semester you may be eligible to work in the summer. If you are a FWS student you will need to complete the next year's FAFSA. If you are a part time student employee you will need to contact Human Resources.

Are there any other types of employment available?

Please visit Career Services for all other off campus job opportunities.

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