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Financial Aid ~ RVCC Student Employment Supervisors' Info

This page is designed for use by supervisors who already employ, or wish to employ, student workers.

How do I list open positions?

If the position is a new opening created because the prior worker left you should simply email the financial aid office at finaid@raritanval.edu and request that the position be listed as open. Please be sure to note in the email if there are any changes that should be made to the job description, or whether the position should be listed as Work Study only. If the position is a newly created position, send the properd ocumentation to Human Resources and notify the financial aid office at finaid@raritanval.edu and request that the position be listed as open. Please be sure to include the job description and note if the position should be listed as Work Study only.

How do I hire a student worker?

Potential student workers should contact you at the phone number/email address listed on the employment opportunities webpage. You should conduct the appropriate interview for the student. If you choose to hire the student you should direct them to Human Resources to obtain and complete a New Hire packet. The studentc annot begin working until Human Resources has received and processed the information in the packet. You will need to complete a Personnel Action Form (PAF) once you decide to hire the student. If the student is FWS you should forward the form to the financial aid office. If the student will be paid from your budget you should complete the form and forward it to Human Resources.

How much will the student be paid and how many hours per weekcan they work?

You will set the student's wage based on your department's budget (or the student's FWS budget) and the difficulty of the job.You must pay at least the minimum wage which is currently $7.25/hour in New Jersey. You can schedule the student to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. The student cannot exceed 20 hours per week. You will create the schedule with the student. Work hours cannot be scheduled during class time. Since a student's primary priority is their education they are encouraged to discuss with you different options if they find that their work is negatively affecting their academics.

What are my responsibilities while the student is working?

Every two weeks the student will submit a completed Payroll Voucher on the Monday after the payroll period has ended. The voucher must be completed by the student and signed by you. If you the student is a FWS worker the voucher must also be signed by the financial aid office after you have signed the form. This form is what the Payroll department uses to issue the student's paycheck. If the student does not turn in the payroll voucher on time they will not be paid until the next payroll cycle. You must also monitor the student's earnings. The student cannot earn more than your student worker budget (if they are being paid from your budget) or their FWS allotment (if they are being paid from FWS). Once funding has been exhausted for a student they must stop working or be paid from an alternate funding source.

Is summer employment available?

If the student intends to register for courses in the fall semester they may be eligible to work in the summer. If they are a FWS student they will need to complete the next year's FAFSA. If they are a Part Time student employee they (or you) will need to contact Human Resources.

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