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Student Development

The First Year Experience Office offers five courses designed to help students develop important skills and clarify academic and professional goals during their time at the college. Some courses, including STDV 013, are designed to support current students who are meeting with difficulty in their academic studies. The most important courses are STDV 100 (and STDV 103) and STDV 101 which help students transition successfully to the college and also help students focus on their career goals. Most courses, except STDV 013, transfer as elective credits to four-year colleges and universities. The Student Development courses are taught by a combination of full-time and adjunct faculty as well as full-time college administrators.

STDV 013 - Student Success Seminar
(1,0) 1 Non-Credit

The Student Success Seminar is a course specifically designed for students whose appeal of academic suspension has been accepted by the Academic Standards Committee. In this course, students are offered support and in depth knowledge on how to succeed in college. Topics covered will include self-assessment, accepting personal responsibility, motivation, study skills, time management, learning styles, communicating effectively, goal setting and developing a support network. For billing purposes, this course is considered 1 credit. Credit for this course does not apply to credit hours earned, grade point average, or graduation requirements.

STDV 100 - The College Experience
(2,0) 2 Credits

This course examines ways in which students can build the academic and social skills necessary for a successful college experience. This course utilizes individual and group exercises to enhance study skill techniques, critical thinking processes, research and evaluation of career pathways, exploration of values and effective use of college resources. Students will apply the course material directly to their other courses and other aspects of their college life. The course will help students become engaged in the college experience as intentional learners who are empowered, informed and responsible.

 STDV 101 - Career Planning for Today
(1,0) 1 Credit

This course introduces students to the career exploration and planning process with a focus on identifying students’ abilities, interests, values, and personality. Special focus will be on Holland’s theory of work types. Additional emphasis is placed on the nature of career decisions individuals face throughout their lifetime, including skills assessment and career development. It examines the process of personal career choice and assists students in setting short-term and long term- career goals and creating a career action plan.

STDV 102 - Leadership Development
(3,0) 3 Credit

Based on the Phi Theta Kappa official leadership development curriculum, this course is intended to provide emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills. Readings from the humanities, experiential exercises, films, and contemporary readings on leadership will encompass the majority of the course content.

STDV 103 - College Transitions
(3,0) 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance into a Dual Enrollment Program or Enrollment in an Early College Course.
This course is an in-depth study in career and life planning designed for students accepted into specialized programs seeking direction in college expectations, transitions, and setting life, academic and career goals. A student can earn credit for this course or STDV 100: The College Experience, but not for both courses.

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