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Grade Information 

At the end of the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter terms, students pursuing a degree or certificate will be e-mailed an official grade report to their RVCC Lion's Den e-mail account. Students may also access their grades and unofficial transcript by accessing the Lion's Den.

Evaluation of student achievement in each course is made in relation to the attainment of the specific objectives of a course. At the beginning of a course, the instructor will distribute as yllabus explaining the objectives and the basis upon which grades are determined. Grades in each course are recorded in the student's permanent record.

A - Excellent
B+ - Very Good
B - Good
C+ - Between Satisfactory and Good
C - Satisfactory
D - Lowest Passing Grade
F - Failing
W - Withdrawal-no grade
X - Student making progress, but must retake the course (Foundations
of Reading, Fundamentals of Writing, and ESL courses only)
I - Incomplete
AU - Audit (no credit, not included in average)
P - Pass (certain developmental courses only)

Letter grades have the following honor point values: A-4.0, B+-3.5, B-3.0, C+-2.5, D-1.0, F-0. Other letter grades and temporary designators such as W, and AU, do not count in the Grade Point Average.

For an approved reason, such as serious illness, a student may receive an "I" if the student has failed to complete all requirements of a course. Such work must be made up within four weeks of the conclusion of the semester. Failure to do so in the prescribed period of the succeeding semester will result in "I" being changed to "F" on the permanent record. An incomplete grade is filed by the instructor with the Dean of Academic and Student Services indicating the reasons for the incomplete grade. The instructor will inform the student that an incomplete has been granted and will indicate conditions for itsr emoval.

Raritan Valley Community College uses a system of grade points employed by most four-year colleges and universities to give an overall appraisal of the student's level of achievement. This system is based on a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) and is computed in the following manner: Semester GPA: multiply the honor point of each grade by the number of credits designated for that course and add the results. The sum is divided by the total number of credits attempted during the semester. Cumulative GPA: use the same procedures used for the semester GPA but include all courses attempted at Raritan Valley Community College. Grades from courses transferred from another institution or credits earned by examination are not entered on the student's transcript and should not be included in the calculations.

How to Compute a GPA:

Course Credits Grade &
Honor Pts.
History 3 W - -
English 3 A (4) 3 12
Psychology 3 C (2) 3 6
French 4 D (1) 4 4
Basic Arithmetic 3NC* C - -
16   10 22

*A developmental course for no college credit.

Grade Point Average (GPA) =
Value Points

Credits Attempted


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