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Registration & Records

Summer 2016 Enrollment Calendar

Tuition bills are due at the time of registration.

May 2, 2016
$50 Late Registration Fee Begins for Full-Term (12 week), Summer ESL (9 week), and First 6-Week Sessions
May 16, 2016
Full-Term (12 week), Summer ESL (9 week), and First 6-Week Session Classes Begin
May 24, 2016
$50 Late Registration Fee Begins for 9-Week Session
June 6, 2016
9-Week Session Classes Begins
June 20, 2016
$50 Late Registration Fee Begins for Second 6-Week Session
July 5, 2016
Second 6-Week Session Classes Begins

Fall 2016 Enrollment Calendar

August 1, 2016
Tuition bills are due or payment plans must be submitted.
After this date, bills are due at time of registration.
August 17, 2016
$50 Late Registration Fee Begins for Full-Term and First 7-Week Session
August 31, 2016
Full-Term and First 7-Week Session Classes Begin
$50 Late Registration Fee Begins for 12-Week Session
September 14, 2016
12-Week Session Begins
October 5, 2016
$50 Late Registration Fee Begins for Second 7-Week Session
October 19, 2016
Second 7-Week Session Begins

Registration Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-6:00pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:45pm
* Contact (908) 218-8864 for additional information and service hour changes.
Lion's Den  

Registering for Credit Courses

  • Web Registration
    Currently enrolled Raritan Valley Community College students can register and add or drop courses using the Lion's Den prior to the first day of the semester. Just log in with your college ID and password, and click on the Student Services tab! For questions about web access, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at (908) 218-8864.

    *** SEE COURSES!

  • Before submitting your registration, please check course pre-requisites. RVCC requires proof be submitted with registration that all course pre-requisite(s) have been met. Also check the online Class Schedule to confirm that the class is running. Registrations submitted for a cancelled class or without the required proof of pre-requisite(s) cannot be processed. Complete the Registration (Add/Drop) Form (.pdf) and mail payment (check, money order or complete credit card information - MasterCard, Visa or Discover accepted - to:

    Mail: Raritan Valley Community College
    Student Enrollment Center
    P.O. Box 3300
    Somerville, NJ 08876
    Fax (908) 704-3442
    In-Person Student Enrollment Center (located on the 1st floor of the College Center) during in-person general registration hours.

  • A student's registration is not official unless class registrations have been recorded by the College and payment has been accepted.  Students should refer to the published class schedule to confirm payment due dates.  Student registrations are subject to possible cancellation if the payment is not made in advance of the published payment due dates.
  • In all cases, the responsibility for fee payment and confirming official registration is the individual student's.  Students are not to attend class, participate in class activities or take exams unless they are officially registered.  The College will not award a grade in a course for which a student was not officially registered.  Students are encouraged to check the Lion's Den to verify registration status. 
  • Unemployment Tuition Waiver Information

Adding & Dropping Courses
After initial registration is completed, students may add or drop courses by submitting a Registration (Add/Drop) Form (.pdf) to the Student Enrollment Center. Add/Drop transactions will be processed in accordance with the RVCC Semester Refund/Withdrawal Schedule, which can be found on the RVCC Finance Department/Bursar page. Students may also add or drop courses using the Lion's Den during specified periods. Just log in with your college ID and password, and click on the Student Services tab!

Late Enrollment and Closed Classes Procedures

Late Enrollment

Developmental classes (course numbers that start with 0, e.g., MATH 020, ENGL 060): If a class has met once, you may enroll prior to the second meeting without a signature from the department chair.  If the class has met twice, you must have the permission of the department chair to enroll.

All other classes (course numbers start with 1 or 2, e.g., ENGL 111, PSYC 211): For most classes, you may enroll in an open section during the first week without approval signature from the department chair.

 Once-a-week courses require the chairperson's signature in order to enroll after the 1st meeting. 

  ENGL 111/070 combination courses require a chair's signature after the 3rd meeting.

  Late-start (12-week) or accelerated (7-week) courses require a chair's signature after the 1st meeting.

Students who enroll late must contact the instructor for a copy of the syllabus and any assignments in order to be prepared for the first day of attendance.

Closed Sections (All Classes)

If a section is closed, you should look for another section or talk to your academic advisor about an alternative.  If there are no open sections, and you have a critical need to enroll, you should discuss with the department chair.  Enrollment approval will require a signature or an email from the department chair.

Lion's Den

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