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LionRVNew Advisor Expectations & Responsibilities


Clubs/organizations often find themselves facing various challenges in achieving their goals and mission. As such, each club/organization is required to have a member of the faculty, staff or administration serve as their advisor, to help them navigate the college and grow as a result of their involvement.

Roles & Responsibility

Advisors of club/organizations are to:

1. Serve as a resource in goal setting, decision making, event planning, etc. for student officers and member of the club/organization.

2. Help create environments of educational exploration and self-discovery, to help student attain personal growth and development in areas of leadership development, planning, budget management as well as a stronger mastery of the functional area supported by the club/organization.

3. Ensure the club/ organization remains in compliance with college and Student Government Association (SGA) policies and guidelines.

4. Exercise fiduciary responsibility to the club/organization, by: (a) approving spending requests through check requests, Personal Reimbursements and Purchase orders with the club/organization treasurer or designee; and (c) providing guidance to club members in spending allocated funds in their club budget according the Budget Guidelines.

5. Be present at a majority of club/organization meetings. Co-advisors are welcome and encouraged. If co-advising, we encourage strong, regular, open communication with all advisors. Co-advisors may be part-time faculty or staff members employed by the college.

6. Attend all off-campus travel with the club/organization and serve as the official college representative, ensuring the College Code of Conduct and other policies are adhered to when traveling. 

7. Promote and uphold the Student Code of Conduct 

Training and Support

1. Each semester, all club/organization advisors will be invited to attend a training opportunity made available by Student Life.

2. “Brown bag” lunch discussions or meetings will be held to answer questions and provide further information. Advisors are encouraged to participate as schedule permits.

3. On-going support will be provided to club/organization advisors by the Office of Student Life. 

4. Advisors are very welcome to contact the staff in Student Life whenever they have questions or concerns.


1. The selection and removal of a club/organization advisor must be voted on by the club members and reported to Student Life for confirmation.

2. Advisor for clubs/organizations that are related to a curriculum at the college should be associated with the relevant academic Department of the club/organization.

3. Staff members in the Student Life shall serve as the primary advisors to the Programming Board and the Student Government Association.

Responsibilities to the College

1. Advisors will hold office for one calendar year and continue based upon the desire of the organization members.

2. Understand the policies outlined within the student handbook and ensure club/organization compliance with all applicable college and Student Life rules and regulations. 

3. Ensure that students are aware of the potential consequences should they violate the Student code of conduct or College’s Code of Ethics.

4. All new advisors are required to participate in a New Advisor Training Meeting with Student Life when starting their role. 

5. All returning advisors are asked to participate in advisor roundtables with the Student Life staff as requested (usually 1-3 a semester) in order to provide best practices for all advisors. 

6. The Advisor will assist the Student Life staff during officer transition to ensure that outgoing officers participate in the training sessions provided by Student Life and pass on vital information to incoming officers.  The advisor will serve as the source of continuity for the club/organization.  

7. Ensure that the constitution, minutes of meetings, event set up forms, budget and financial transactions, work and food orders etc. are submitted in a timely manner. 

8. Verify that reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety and wellness of all students participating in activities sponsored by the club/organization. If potential risks are expected, then you must meet with the Student Life staff and the appropriate college official, i.e., VP of Finance & Facilities, Chief of Security, Safety Manager, Director of Conference Services and/or the Executive Director of Facilities & Grounds, to work out a plan of action. 

Eligibility and Time Commitment

1. A full time faculty or staff member at Raritan Valley Community College
2. Passionate about the mission of the club/organization 
3. Although time commitment may differ from other clubs/organization on campus, the advisor must have a willingness to commit time and energy to the club/organization by attending meetings, events, and activities.
4. Knowledgeable about the college’s policies and procedures, Student Code of Conduct, College’s Code of Ethics, Student Life policies and procedures and other state or federal law as it relates to the club/organization
5. Must participate in all state and federal mandated policy and law training workshops 


 1. The college encourages and supports co-curricular programs, experiential learning and leadership development; thus, the advisor will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are an integral part of a national movement in developing educated, engaged and productive citizens.

 2. Serving as an advisor can be a very rewarding experience because advisors can make a positive impact on the lives of their students.

 3. Advisors have the opportunity to participate in training and workshops and share best practices that will help them to learn more about the college, in which, they may feel a greater connectedness to their colleagues and the college as a whole.

4. Advisors have the opportunity to interact closely with a diverse group of students often in a capacity very different from their regular job, thus, they are able to learn and/or develop new or existing skill sets that can assist them in their current roles.

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