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Candidates for SGA Alumni Representative


The Alumni Representative to the RVCC Board of Trustees represents all campus/extension sites and is elected through an all-College election. The Alumni Representative is an RVCC student who has graduated in the Spring graduation. The Alumni Representative should also be accessible to the student body as a whole in order to become familiar with the concerns and issues that face students. The Alumni Representative is a full-voting member of the Board of Trustees which meets once a month, usually the third Tuesday of each month. Board meetings are open to all current students and alumni to observe. The candidate should be available to attend these monthly meetings.



Gillian Gauss

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC: 4
Major:  Biology
Hometown:  Somerville
Why do you want this position? I hope to encourage RVCC students and faculty to share their thoughts and ideas with me, so that we can all work together to create a positiv eoutlook for the RVCC community. I believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to speak for our community.   
What are your plans for next year?: I have already planned to attend Rutgers University in the fall and pursue a pre-veterinary degree at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.


Jeffrey Modola

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC:  6+
Major:  Nursing and Health Science
Hometown:  Green Brook
Why do you want this position? It would be an honor to support the student body with any concerns or issues they may face.  This May is graduation and will be my third degree from RVCC.  The college provides for outstanding education with exceptional professors that truly support and guide their students to success.   
What are your plans for next year?: I will be working to complete my BSN in Nursing starting this fall and continue on for my masters in nursing.

  Melanye headshot   

Melanye Nunez

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC:  6+
Major:  Liberal Arts-Social Science     
Hometown:  Manville
What are your plans for next year?:While attending a transfer session this past semester, I listened in on a gentlemen debating how to accurately measure a student’s success in modern age education. He rejected the idea of standardized tests and said to first consider the institution the student is located at, observe the courses, the organizations and clubs offered. He created an analogy of a buffet; he claimed a student’s success is based on what the student picked from what is offered and how much is on their plate, in other words- with what courses and campus involvement did the student decide to challenge themselves. And lastly, did they clean off their plate because, it is of no use to fill the plate if you’re not going to eat it all. 

This analogy replayed itself in my mind while I mediated on the reasons why I wanted to become Alumni Representative. I reflected on my time at RVCC and in truth I could not simply summarize what I’ve overcome in these three years. Three years filled with of adversity and obstacles where my own mentors said to me in their office, they understood if I took some time off of school.  But when we are committed and passionate about something, there is nothing that can stop us. In the midst of my trail, I remained active in my academics and involvement. Every opportunity that I came across that would enhance my chances of furthering my education, gaining or refining skills, I took it. I believe it is safe to say, that I filled my plate and left it spot less. The alumni representative should not only be accessible to the student body in order to become familiar with the concerns and issues that students face. The alumni representative should also be a well-rounded, balanced image of the student body at Raritan Valley Community College.  What that image looks like is the question.

I recall previously reading in Foundation brochures, that Raritan Valley Community College is more than a place of higher education, it’s a place of opportunities. I believe through experience, RVCC is a place filled with an abundance of chances, for those who seek it. It is definitely a place where students can reach their full potential if they take advantage of their resources and experienced staff, faculty and administration that surround them. RVCC also prides itself with being an environment where diversity is not only expressed, it is embraced and desired. Not only do I come from a diverse background, I identify myself with idea of “multiply identities” described by poet Gloria Anzaldua; the idea of pertaining to or identifying with multiple cultures not only one.

Raritan Valley Community College is often associated with the sign of a stepping stone which clearly signifies- a sign of growth. My argument then becomes, the alumni representative, should also reflect an individual with a diverse background that has overcome adversity and obstacles but nevertheless, has had a high interest for their education and future and has turned every stone in order to assure themselves their doing everything possible to exceed expectations. I am that well-rounded, balanced soon to be alumni of RVCC and with the experience I have, with the overabundance of involvement in my three years as a students here I can assure the board of trustees I would know how to reach of to the student body. Therefore, I desire and should be granted this position because of my growth and experience as a student at RVCC, my ability to reflect a well-rounded and diverse student and because I have a good understanding of what is expected through this responsibility.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Upon graduation, I will be transferring to Drew University for the fall of 2016. I will be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in both degrees: comparative religion and women gender studies with a minor in political science. My plans for next year consist of balancing my home, educational, work and student life as a commuter.and because I have a good understanding of what is expected through this responsibility. 


George Rasare

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC:  6+
Major: Human Services
Hometown:  Three Bridges
Why do you want this position?  First, I am a legal immigrant from Kenya. I came to US in 2009 as a permanent resident, and in 2013, I managed to bring my family- wife and two children under the same status.In Fall 2010, I joined RVCC in Human Services major. The fact that a two year college has turned to a four year for me speaks volume. The reason can be summarized in three words- family, school and work, which have never been friends.But this duration in school has made me to learn a lot from the college setting. And that's why I feel qualified for this position. Over the years, I have been in community service, both in my country Kenya and here in US. The problems people face can only be solved if they are allowed to speak out for evaluation and analysis. So, I think, the work of Alumni Representative is beyond a one day per month meeting. It is about "anytime" engagement with both the students and the community members for a better change. A change for both the school and the community.We call it "Public Policy". With all said, with commitment and sacrifice, this position will make me gain a lot of experience.
What are your plans for next year?: My plan is to join Rutgers University for bachelors in public policy.



Siddharth Raut

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC:  3
Major:  Pre-Health
Hometown:  Bridgewater
Why do you want this position? It would be a great opportunity for me to serve back our RVCC who has given me an opportunity to make up my career. RVCC is not just a college but it is my second family and by having this position I will be able to always be in touch with my RVCC family and serve them towards the better future.
What are your plans for next year?: Next year I will be in my junior year at Rutgers completing my pre-requisites for Dental and will be shadowing or doing internship at some dental place. And hopefully will be a Alumni Representative serving RVCC.



Kevin Rosero

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC:  6+
Major:  Liberal Arts
Hometown:  Plainfield
Why do you want this position? I would like this position because I feel I am qualified to be the board of Trustees alumni rep. I can represent my graduating class of 2016 and express their current and future needs to the board of trustees. I've been in this college for 3 years and have made friendships, relationships, and connections that I will continue to have even after I graduate. All the way from the RVCC facilities janitors to the RVCC president. 
A reason why I'm qualified for this position is because I know what students want, which happens to be decreased tuition, more parking spots, and other needs. Students have a voice that I am more than willing to express and communicate to the trustees.  

Another reason why I feel I'm ready for this position is because of my interest in helping people. I have a passion for helping out students and people in general. An example of this is when I used to work in the admissions office as as student worker, I went above and beyond to help a Spanish speaking student get into RVCC. I translated his meeting with the director of admissions, helped him fill out his RVCC application, F.A.F.S.A., and even found a housing service (thanks to the director of EOF Donyea) for him to find a house because his landlord was going to evict him from his house. To this day he is very grateful and I appreciate as we have become good friends.I go above and beyond to help out people. The dean of multicultural affair's often gives me some solid advice but my favorite is to "pay it forward". Which basically means to pass down your knowledge and experiences to others in need of assistance.Those are words to live by. 

The third reason why I'm feel ready to be your alumni representative is because I am the current president of the Orgullo Latino Club (Latin Pride club) and I listen to other people's needs, make mine after hearing everyone else's decision. I have experience in leadership positions and often make tough decisions. I make decisions that's best for everyone not just me. I can represent the student body's needs to the board of trustees and I vow to make decisions that will benefit us all. We are students who the college is intended for and we have a voice. If elected as alumni rep I promise to make sure our voice, opinions, and power is communicated clearly to the board of trustees. I will make your vote count. If there's an issue or concern that students have, I will make sure the trustees hear about it and when it comes time to voting on issues I will represent the student's voice 1000%.
  I am here for you at all times. If you see me in the hallway please say Hi! I love meeting new people.  

If elected as board of trustees Alumni representative, my first order of business would be to set up a email system or some type of communication system with a couple RVCC class of 2016 graduates and ask them what they liked and didn't like at their time at Raritan Valley Community College. The things They didn't like I would see if other graduates and current students feel the way and pass this information down to the board of trustees. Communication is an essential key where someone represents other's voice. Like famous uncle Ben's (from spiderman) famous saying goes "with great power comes great responsibility"

I promise to a better listener and most dependable Alumni representative you know. I will go above and beyond my duty in order to serve your past, current, and future concerns! Please vote for me Kevin Rosero.  

What are your plans for next year?: I will be starting my internship with a lawyer named Arlene Perez after I graduate RVCC. Also I plan to attend Seton Hall University as a history or pre-law major and get into the law school program there. Then I want to become a Immigration Lawyer and pursue a master degree at Princeton University.


Alyssa Trecozzi

(Candidate for Alumni Representative) 

Semesters Completed at RVCC:  6+
Major:  Business Administration     
Hometown:  Ringoes
Why do you want this position? I want this position because I am an involved and engaged student at Raritan Valley academically and socially. I am always active when I am on campus whether it is attending classes, working as a tutor in the academic support center, past project lead for Enactus, active, engaged Phi Theta Kappa member, or volunteering at campus events like the RVCC Open houses. I was never the best academically in high school and I definitely was not the most social person either but after one semester at RV, I found myself and used my strengths and weaknesses to help the Raritan Valley in anyway I could. Thanks to RVCC I was able to apply to schools I never could have right after high school and I was accepted to all 6 of the schools that I heard back from at this point. 
What are your plans for next year?: I am still figuring out my plans for next year but I will most likely either be attending Boston University or Rutgers University. I will know by May 1st. If I go away to Boston I will not be able to attend the monthly meetings during the semesters. 

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