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Student Government Time Sheet


First Name: 

Last Name: 

Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date  

Time In:  AM/PM: 

Time Out:  AM/PM: 

Please enter your time in 5 minute increments (i.e.: 1:15-1:45)

Total Hours:  

Meeting/Event Attended: 

If you attended a meeting, please include a brief overview of topics discussed. If you attended an event, please specify the name of the event and a brief report on attendance and topics discussed.  If this is a record of your office hours, list tasks accomplished in the box below.  
Please choose the name of the person who was present and/or can verify your attendance during your scheduled office hours.  Enter their email address in the field below.  Please be sure to use the correct spelling to ensure verification.    


Advisor/Supervisor Email Address: 

Please hit the submit button below ONCE, and WAIT. 

Be patient, the system may take more than 10 seconds to respond. Hitting it again will result in duplicate entries. Thank you for your patience.

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