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LionRVNew Why SGA?

Research in high education has shown that students involved on campus outside of the classroom are more likely to succeed. (Astin, 1980, 1984)

A recent student showed that employers are hiring candidates with high competency in the soft skills: good attitude, interpersonal skills, communication skills, critical thinking/problem solving skills, teamwork. (Employers' Perspectives on Trade and Soft Skills, Richard Nagle, 2010)  Being involved with SGA helps you gain practical experience in all of these areas!


Barbara Cannell
SGA President '11-13

"Being a part of SGA gave me a new perspective on what it means to be a leader...I gained new insight into myself and...had a great opportunity to serve my community."

Krystal Gold
SGA Executive VP '12-13

"SGA has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my college career...SGA gave me the opportunity to work closely with people from so many various cultures and backgrounds, it has caused my whole perspective on community and responsibility to become more open and accepting to others."
Kevin Turnbull
SGA Senator '12-13
"I once learned that 'no one rises to low expectations,' and each of us needs to be led by an inspiring motivation.  For me, being a part of Student Government has been my motivation. 

 Faradae Renner

Faradae Renner
SGA VP of Finance, '13-14


"SGA is an organization that's allowed me to be a part of a significant goal: to increase the voice of the student body as well as encourage them to practice leadership skills."

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