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NJ Transit Student Pass program @ RVCC

Full-time Students: 25% Discount on NJ TRANSIT Monthly Passes!

NJ Transit offers a special Student Pass program, created for full-time college and post-secondary students, to purchase monthly transportation passes at a discounted rate.

Full-time students (12 or more credits) are eligible to receive a 25% off a regular rail, bus, or light rail monthly pass when enrolled through NJ Transit's Student Pass program. Purchasing the Student Pass is an alternative to purchasing a monthly pass from a ticket vending machine or ticket agent.

How to Enroll:

Getting started is easy! To enroll, you must log in through the secure RVCC access page here, or by clicking on the "Student Pass" image below. After you complete the enrollment process, the monthly pass price will automatically reflect your 25% student discount. It is required when you enroll, and whenever you log in to your Student Pass account you do so via the RVCC login page; in order for NJ Transit to verify your full-time student status electronically.

During your enrollment, you will create a Student Pass user name and password. Thereafter you can view or manage your account directly via the RVCC login page. Log in to; change your personal/billing information, choose to skip a month, or adjust your itinerary.

It's important to remember:

  • You must sign up by the 10th of the month to receive your monthly pass for the travel in the next month. (Enrollment must be completed on or before the 10th of the previous month to receive the pass for the next month.)
  • After you enroll for the Student Pass, you will receive a new monthly pass in the mail each and every month unless you choose to suspend your account.
  •  A non-refundable $3.00 processing fee will be applied each month, in addition to the fare for the pass.
  • If you choose to suspend your monthly pass (winter or summer break), you will need to reactivate your account once again through our secure RVCC login page (this will verify enrollment). Note that only students who maintain full-time status will be able to get passes during the summer months at the discounted rate.
  • Students who participate in this program agree that the monthly pass is for their exclusive use only. Each student is eligible to receive one discounted monthly pass per month. Passes are non-transferable. Student discounts are only available for transportation between your home address and school address. Discounted Student Passes are not available for other origins or destinations. Any abuse or purposeful deception will result in the cancellation of the student's monthly pass account, and (s)he will be unable to participate in the program in the future. This will also apply to any other student who is knowingly involved.

Transferring and your Student Pass:

If you transfer to an institution other than RVCC, you will need to change your NJ Transit Student Pass to reflect this change.

Each institution that has an agreement with NJ Transit has a separate login page in order to access the Student Pass discount. Therefore, when you transfer to a different institution, be sure to sign up for the Student Pass again via your new institution's website.

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